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the charm of tchotchkes

Let’s start by defining a “tchotchke”. Officially it’s a Yiddish word for a trinket. Unoffiicially it’s usually what’s leftover at garage sales—for a song if not “FREE!”

But before you toss that wacky 1950s porcelain figurine if it’s not quite your style, consider its potential value on the open market and take a look at what we spotted in Milan earlier this year.

That’s right! Mixing old and new is still a strong trend—and even more personal by including a family “heirloom” from your Grandmother. Why not try mixing that charming whozeewhat you looked forward to seeing when you visited your favorite Uncle with truly modern accessories like stainless steel cylinder vases or beaker glass candleholders?

Hint: pick one vintage piece per grouping so it becomes the highlight.

Do you have better taste than your ancestors and are you lacking the perfect tchotchke to complete your vignette? Why not check out local flea or antique markets? Remember when talking eco-friendly, reuse or repurpose comes right after reduce!

If this is old news to you, then how about sharing your favorite places to shop for vintage trinkets?

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