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DIY goes DIO (do-it-OURselves)

Summer’s over and those easy home projects never got started? Or finished? Check out this time-lapsed video to see how fast one can be when tackled by a team.

Considering this project took a total of 48 working hours—12 team members just 4 hours each in real-time. What if the you in DIY was plural—as in do-it-ourselves?

Imagine what a difference multiplicity could make. Instead of a working vacation, what if it only took a few friends a few hours to replace your old linoeum kitchen flooring with sustainable cork tiles?

To start a DIO group:

  1. simply contact friends and family who would drive you to the airport—they’re the committed ones!
  2. each of you writes a list of projects that seem daunting for one, but a breeze for three or more
  3. rotate projects and houses so everyone benefits
  4. for best results, assign tasks based on each persons’ strengths or experience 
  5. be materials prepared to avoid delays
  6. finally check it off your list!

In the process you can teach a friend how to hem curtains or learn how to replace a faucet—the possibilities are as endless as your list.

Been there, done that? What was the project and how did it go?

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Reader Comments (2)

looking for diy instructions for the ornament wreath that was offered in the CB2 magazine and cannot find it on yur website

November 19, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjoanne scordilis

where are the wreath instructions . . . can't find them!

December 1, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjess marcotte

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