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10 essentials: sara

hannah1. Miniature daschunds. Our family dog Hannah is a short red hair. I love their quirky proportions, long snout and semi-sad faces.

2. Big chunky jewelry. Its fun when jewelry becomes a statement piece and adds drama to a basic t-shirt and jeans. And I love finding unique pieces while travelling.

3. Hockey. I’ve recently gotten sucked into the sport. It’s going to make the harsh Chicago winters a little more bearable.

4. Chips and salsa. My absolute favorite food—some nights its dinner.

5. The beach. I thrive in the summer and love traveling to the Caribbean. There’s no better feeling than being near the water and lounging in the sun on the sand.

6. White percale sheets. Basic and essential to the bedroom. There’s nothing better than climbing into white as white crisp sheets.

percale sheets7. Wide planked floors—either bleached and high gloss white. They’re a modern alternative to traditional wood flooring and I love how they open up a space.

8. Music. Absolutely essential to life.

9. Muji’s wall-mounted cd player. A simple, ingenious design by Naoto Fukasawa.

10. The Citroen DS, 1955–75. An elegant yet whimsical design that always makes me smile.

2730247314_1d82cce980 citroen cropped photo by andrijbulba,

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