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name games: amy's family

Judy: These ornaments remind me of Russian nesting dolls.

Raymond: They remind me of Amy’s family—especially with the house in the background since her husband’s an architect and they just bought a place.

Judy: Wonder how she’d feel if we named them after Jimmy and their son Jaden?

Amy: Hah! That’s very funny—even though Jimmy doesn’t have a goatee and I’m a brunette. I’ll see if he’d be ok with naming them after us.

Judy: But they’re just as adorable as you three.

Amy: It’s a go—he laughed and agreed.

Judy: Whew! That helps a lot—we’re running out of time and naming product isn’t my best quality. Thanks Amy and Merry Christmas!

Meet amy, former product manager assistant, judy and raymond, product managers.

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Reader Comments (1)

My friend Heidi sent me the link to this. We have a mutual friend named Jimmy. This year Heidi found the Jimmy Doll ornament and contacted me immediately.
The irony is that the doll looks exactly like Jimmy: Hair color, hair style, goatee, etc.
I ordered 15 of them and gave them out to all of mine and Jimmy's friends for Christmas. Now everywhere that Jimmy goes Jimmy's on their tree. Jimmy has since contacted me to find out where I got them because he wants to buy a lot more to give to his wife's family.

December 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJason Jennette

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