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10 essentials: sandra


1. Growing and arranging flowers. Nothing is more lovely than nature.

2. Education, documentaries, museums, newspapers, teachers.

3. The original Prada store in Milan. The architectural details are spectacular and I love the modern interpretations of traditional in their collections.

4. Not just shoes—sandals, pumps, wedges, sneakers, boots…all 300 of them.

5. Aisles and aisles of antique malls where the possibilities to re-use are endless.

6. A weekend house in a small town. It’s been rewarding maintaining the charms of a post-war Cape Cod while mixing in modern like vincent, molto and silverado.

7. The first car I’ve ever driven off the lot is a Prius and I hope to have it until more advanced technology is just as readily available.

8. Sustainable, timeless, easy-care and affordable cork flooring.

9. Ray-Ban Aviators—with the wrap around wires—they go with everything.

10. A painting by Layne Jackson. I admired her art for about 10 years and finally commissioned a work of my family at a party in the 50s.

family portrait

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