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lux for a little

Create the look and feel of high-end luxury on a budget by selecting simple shapes with rich textures or reflective finishes.Think soft fabrics mixed with the sparkle of polished chrome and high-gloss lacquer—and a few design details that echo the glam of old Hollywood.

Start with the avec sofa, its soft pewter poly velvet fabric and vintage cross stitching is a perfect beginning.

Add the peekaboo coffee table, for the illusion of a larger space, and throw in the city slicker side table for its white lacquer—not to mention just the right amount of 60’s regency.


Hang a few perspective mirrors for sparkle, add drama with a luxe floor lamp and a few blok candle holders can add romantic glow. Throw the whole collection on top of the lounge natural shag rug for that deep warm luxurious feel.

Now, take a guess on the cost of this ritzy room worthy of the silver screen. Would you believe it’s under $2,500?

Thanks to todd, store designer west hollywood, for this submission.

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I wrote an article called the "Top 10 Entertaining Pieces You Should Own" and featured a ton of CB2 products in it! Check it out and feel free to post to your blog or facebook page!



March 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKristina

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