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10 essentials: vance // CC BY 2.0 // CC BY 2.0

1. I learned to love baseball at Wrigley Field. No matter where I live I’ll always be a Cub fan.

2. I’m impressed with the sheer scale of behemoth skyscrapers and awed that one man’s inspiration can create such feats—architects are one of my heroes. // CC BY 2.03. Red Sharpies. I like that they’re bright and graphic—the one pen I always reach for.

4. It’s so true that good tools make all the difference and Wusthof knives are the tools I find worth investing in.

5. Fireplaces. The smell of burning wood and the mood—it really brings a house to life.

6. Mac & cheese. This is what I want to see on a menu in the winter. No matter how it’s made I know I’m going to love it—and eat too much of it.

7. Hardware stores and junk shops. I can spend hours lost in them gathering inspiration and finding new ways to see objects.

8. Gary Fisher Bikes. I was attracted by the name of mine, Mahi Mahi. It’s been with me for 10 years and it’s my favorite way to escape and explore the city.

9. Road Trips. One of my favorite vacations is a road trip with no agenda. It’s a great way to hang out with friends and discover what America has to offer.

10. Coffee is my prime source of energy and motivation. One thing I won’t skimp on and am rarely seen without. At home, I use our silo mugs. They’re chunky, bright white, and feel good in the hand.

Thanks to vance, store designer soho, for this submission.

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I agree with you on all of these but one: architects. I think you should add engineers. They are the ones who really make skyscrapers happen. They work together.

May 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDG Mitchell

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