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10 essentials: adam

1. Not just for UV protection, sunglasses also allow you to watch your surroundings without anyone knowing you’re staring… my mother always told me not to not to stare at the sun… or people.

photo courtesy of: adtp

2. At the end of a long day, flip-flops are worth the fashion sacrifice—plus, they help take business attire to casual. Leave them in the car, a bag or at work.

3. An Adidas track jacket—the perfect, comfortable layer for late evenings and early mornings. I keep it handy on a dot wall hook.

botella wine set4. I once heard that a red wallet brings good cash flow into your life.  We all need red wallets!

5. My iPhone and MacBook—once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

6. I was recently entrusted with a Barcelona chair—in brown.  This mid century iconic chair makes a statement from every angle.

7. A patio—aka “the parti-o”.  Alfresco dining means it’s summer—we live for summer in Chicago and the wine’s always sweeter shared with friends there.

8. Everything moves a little slower on Sunday’s and everyone’s just a little bit nicer.

9. Fresh hot coffee that’s ready when I wake up—thanks to Eric!

10. They can be a pain sometimes, but our cats Casey and Madison are not only our buddies, it would be strange to have one without the other.

Thanks to adam, store manager lincoln park, for this submission.

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