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10 essentials: julio

1. I don’t function without music.

2. And I get bored easily so I surround myself with toys to keep me sane. My favorite’s the 1963 Danelectro Sears Silvertone 1448 guitar that has a carrying case with a built-in amp.

3. If you love music but haven’t been to Austin Texas, you just haven’t lived—the music is thick. I highly recommend checking out the South by Southwest Music Festival.

4. You say shopping—I say treasure hunting. I really enjoy rummage sales, estate sales, and thrifting. On weekends I shop for myself and a few resale boutiques in the city.

5. A nice crisp pair of high tops. I love the colorways, the designs, and the themes. Nike, Adidas, it’s all good. You might find me camping out just to get my hands on a pair.

6. To get around in my neighborhood—bikes! If it’s not too far, then I’ll take my 1964 Sears Spider muscle bike. But for longer rides it’s the Gavin single speed.

7. Honky Tonk BBQ!!! Simply the best—no one does it better. Try the sampler and enjoy the live music.

8. I’ve found baking to be very relaxing and the finished product—if done properly—can be very rewarding.

9. I’m not a film buff but on a lazy Sunday afternoon there’s nothing better than movies.

10. I love art. I try to cover all mediums but at the moment I’m addicted to oil painting.

Thanks to julio, sample handler, for this submission.

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