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10 essentials: jake

1. They look great by themselves, or as a hurricane filled with disco balls and, of course, flowers—I have so many vases, vases, vases.

2. Never knew I had a green thumb, but since that learning curve I’ve loaded up on plants.

3. What better way to inexpensively create a personal piece of artwork than decoupage? Just get some photos, magazines, glue, a canvas—a bottle of wine helps the process—and you’re set to go!

4. Roasted in Chicago, Metropolis Coffee makes the perfect cup’a Joe.

5. I used to live on Lake Michigan and can’t think of a better thing to wake up to than the waves washing up on the shore on a Saturday morning in the summertime.

photo by: alasdairnicol6. How could you not love a photobooth at a bar on a Friday night? Memories—both fun and frightful!

7. Mirrors are full of magic—and they add an extra dimension to any room.

8. I can never resist upgrading my iPhone—they sure know how to make a product.

9. Zipcar—they’re everywhere and have made my life a breeze.

10. White dinnerware—it all goes together no matter what shape or size and it instantly makes your carryout look twice as good.

Thanks to jake, store manager midtown atlanta, for this submission.

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