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10 essentials: alex

photo by: henryjose

1. Any and all kinds of fashion—from magazines, art exhibits, museums, galleries. We’re really lucky in Miami to have the design district to shop and thanks to text message alerts, I watch the runway shows live on youtube.

2. Each fragrance sets a specific mood so I have one for work, weekends and evenings.

3. I love mixing old and new so I use a pony chair with the desk my father used when he was an officer in the Navy.

4. Stemless flutes are a casual and smart glass for seltzer water since the bubbles keep longer.

5. I’m always having an iced coffee beverages of some kind—even in the winter—iced latte is #1.

6. The most friendly place around is Rosie’s Bar and Grill. I go there for a fantastic brunch on Sunday’s with lots of outdoor seating, and a live dj.

7. I have one cookbook—More Love from Charleston. It’s a collection of traditional recipes from the Sisterhood of the Synagogue Emanu-El in Charleston, SC—it’s a link to my heritage, family, friends.

8. With my iphone I organize personal information and inspiration for work. I don’t know how I did it before…lots of paper probably.

9. Since my favorite TV shows run so late in the evening, everything I watch is recorded by Tivo.

10. Chris does a spectacular job with our music, so you can find me singing out loud in the store to our soundtracks.

Thanks to alex, visual merchant south beach, for this submission.

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