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kudos: the new design high school

New Design High School is a small high school in New York City where the design process is used as the foundation for learning everything—from academics and artistry to the emotional and social skill sets needed to live a healthy, productive life.

With the goal of understanding real world contexts, self-expression and problem solving, this new type of high school engages its students in the processes of design: observing behavior, identifying needs, framing problems, working collaboratively, exploring and appreciating solutions, weighing alternatives, and communicating ideas verbally, graphically and physically—all which extend outside a classroom and beyond graduation.

By integrating these 7 idea, concept and process steps of the design process into a high school curriculum, students learn how to identify and create solutions to any problem—just like designers do.

New Design High School was co-founded by Urban Arts Partnership, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to advance the intellectual, social and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated education programs to close the achievement gap. As NDHS’s lead cultural partner, Urban Arts provides arts-integrated education programs to complement the school’s design-based curriculum and methodology.

We’re thrilled to have been introduced to NDHS and to have partnered with them for our Eastside NY store opening in October. To see how we celebrated, check out the photos in our facebook gallery. And to learn more about the school, watch Principal Scott Conti’s talk at the 2010 TEDxDUMBO event.

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Anything can be designed, its such a practical, intuitive gesture. Why has it taken this long for designed thinking to begin to be integrate into mainstream education?

December 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJenny

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