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one of a finds: le chiot

First discovered in a 2009 gallery exhibition, French Ink by TT Crew staged at the Babù Gallery, le chiot—a papier mâché dog—made a lasting impression and two years later, have finally made it to CB2’s one of a finds.

Babù Art Co. Ltd is a professional art institution located in the Art Zone of Shenzhen, China. With a commitment to contemporary and concept art, it consists of Babù Gallery and Babù Space.

Babù Gallery is focused on the dissemination of contemporary art and Babù Space covers a wild range of contemporary fashionable arts like Street culture, design, installation and video, as it’s been promoting international art.

Featuring the four artists that make up the TT Crew, it was the drawings by one artist in particular that were so compelling and which were later added on to the papier mâché dogs.

Made by hand of wood and layered with Chinese ink paper, each is unique as are the small scale drawings embellishing them.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only as a limited edition for collectors and enthusiasts—le chiot has a release of 448.

Note: this one of a find will be available mid-October.

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