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10 essentials: joyce

1. I love being turned on to all types of music—something’s playing just about all the time.

2. A wide variety of visual art venues: museums, galleries, art shows…you name it.

3. After college I was introduced to vintage, second-hand finds…now they’re staples in my home and my closet.

4. We always find unique things with lots of character when we shop second-hand—but my favorite piece is an old leather messenger bag.

5. Sometimes my husband kicks me out of the kitchen since he’s better at it, but I love cooking from scratch. I like learning from our mom’s—his is Mexican/Spanish and mine’s Scottish.

6. Anytime of day, with every thing—salsa!

7. In Chicago, Market Days are an annual summer ritual—it’s so much fun, it’s free-spirited, open-minded, and you can dance all day!

8. We live 14 miles from work so every day is a great day for bike riding—and it’s my favorite mode of transportation.

9. The last Friday of the month, a Critical Mass ride is a great way to end the week—and month!

10. I can’t imagine life without Mija—she was this crazy runt of the bunch and now she’s family.

photo by: nixternal

Thanks to joyce, product manager’s assistant, for this submission.

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