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ostalgia: new york

photo by: shinya What: Ostalgia
When: extended thru October 2, 2011
Where: New Museum, New York

Twenty years ago—after the fall of the Berlin Wall—a process of dissolution led to the breakup of the Soviet Union and many other countries that had been united under Communist governments.

From the Baltic republics to the Balkans, from Central Europe to Central Asia, entire regions and nations were reconfigured, their constitutions rewritten, their borders redrawn.

From the German word ostalgie—a term that emerged in the 1990s to describe a sense of longing and nostalgia for the era before the collapse of the Communist Bloc—this exhibit highlights art created in and about countries most affected by the dissolution.

Extended through October 2, it’s an opportunity to peek inside the psychological landscape in which individuals and entire societies negotiated new relationships to history, geography, and ideology.

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