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10 essentials: darryl

1. I’ve been living in the States for almost a year but I grew up in downtown Toronto so it’s pretty cool to be back here to open the first CB2 store in Canada. Toronto’s very multi-cultural and has so much diversity—all those different personalities melt together and give it its unique artistic vibe.

2. I’m a very visual person so I’m obsessed with photography—especially architectural. Wherever I travel to—even if I’m just going somewhere nearby—I take one of my 12 cameras with me.

3. Recently I discovered a passion for tattoos. It’s true when they say they’re addictive…I’ve three and getting my sleeve done soon.

photo by: underbiteman4. Anything to do with airplanes. My friends sometimes freak out that I can usually tell what’s flying overhead by the noise it makes. I’ve taken flying lessons but I don’t have a license…yet.

5. Traveling off the beaten path is a chance to experience the real life of someplace else…digging into its history…seeing its old architecture…like the cemetery in Savannah…

6. The special, unique finds I picked up in each country I’ve visited. In a little farming community in the middle of nowhere Thailand, we found a mom-and-pop trinket shop where thankfully he shared the carved bronze sculpture of a warrior on an elk he had hidden in the cellar.

photo by: JSF3067. My t-shirt collection which numbers over 200. I may never wear them all but—even if they don’t fit me 100%—if they have a cool, graphic pattern, I’m sold.

8. Great storage ideas keep my pack rat tendencies my secret.

9. A dream kitchen with two refrigerators…an indoor bbq grill like restaurants use…a big, old chopping block from 1800s as the island…the best knives out there…but the pots…my grandmother had the most beat up pots and with them she cooked the best meals.

10. And someday I’ll have a black lab.

Thanks to darryl, store manager queen west toronto, for this submission and personal photographs.

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