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'levitated mass' sculpture: los angeles

photo by: RobinArcuri What: Levitated Mass
When: TBA
Where: LACMA, The Resnick North Lawn

The real story of Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer—a 340-ton granite ‘megalith’ on a 456’-long slot constructed on LACMA’s North lawn—may perhaps be in its journey.

While the piece was conceived in 1968, it wasn’t until decades later—in Riverside County, California—that Heizer discovered ‘an appropriate boulder’.

One of the largest megaliths to be moved since ancient times, the concept recalls the ancient traditions of carving stones using primitive tools, while at the same time relying on the appreciation of abstract forms in modern art—both of which used feats of engineering to make them a reality.

Check out its gut-wrenching, highly orchestrated transport at The Journey to LACMA.

And now that it’s reached its destination behind the Resnick Pavilion, it’s under wraps while the sculpture goes through the final phases of construction—so until the unveiling, learn more about Michael Heizer and follow the progress on Twitter at #LACMArock.

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