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10 essentials: tracy

1. A serious ‘to-do’ list—word of mouth is a great resource—so I jot things down when somebody mentions restaurants, exhibits, shops.

2. I’m a very social person—I don’t like to be alone—so I love New York City!

3. My dog Marty is the best roommate!

4. Working out at Cross Fit—it’s community based and a social routine which is so me, but i never thought I’d do the Olympic weight lifting program.

5. I love to be spontaneous—especially when I cook—and make a dish out of seemingly nothing. So the pantry is always stocked with Savory Accents hot pepper seasoning from the Madison, WI farmers market and the refrigerator is always stocked with tofu, eggs and cheese.

6. The only magazine subscriptions I get are about food—Food & Wine and Bon Appetit.

7. I love beer and pairing different types with food—but I don’t have the patience to brew it!

8. Anywhere I can get a great deal on one-of-a-kind furniture, dinner plates, glasses—sample sales, antique fairs—my place is very eclectic.

9. Over time, I’ve accumulated enough Aveda points to go to Italy!

10. I’ve only owned American cars—Ford, Chevy—something my father instilled in me.

Thanks to tracy, senior visual merchant, central, for this submission.

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