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designer profile: aelfie oudghiri

Who are you design icons?
Betsey Johnson was my hero growing up.

Form vs. function?
Neither. Color.

Do you have one low budget decorating tip?
De-clutter and buy flowers.

What do you drive?
My husband nuts.

What’s your favorite room in your home?
I live in an open loft, so it’s all my favorite room.

What is your personal decorating style?
Chic with a hint of totally bonkers.

What are your interests outside of design?
Dancing, literature, art, music and business.

What are your sources of inspiration?
It’s hard to know. Funny things like an old pair of candlesticks or a stranger in a funny sweater might get me excited about an idea or form.

Where was your favorite place to live?
In Budapest, across the street from a beautiful old concert hall and above a supermarket. It was perfect.

What’s your favorite possession?
It’s the first thing I see when I wake up—an enormous embroidered tapestry from Uzbekistan.

What one item do you wish you owned?
More paintings by my grandmother, Lounah Starr.

In your opinion, what is the best designed item of all time?
The elevator is very clever.

What’s the best career advice you ever received? Ever gave?
Fake it till you make it.

To see all of Aelfie’s current designs for CB2, go here.

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