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artist profile: laz ojalde

photo by: Stephan Göttlicher What are your sources of inspiration?
Shadow puppets, classic cartoons, Mexican pointy boots, coffee grounds, found objects, cockroaches, Sci-fi spaceships, circus lights and awkward friends. I try to not limit my imagination.

What are your interests outside of design?
Guerrilla gardening, photographing architecture, visiting museums, art making…

Who are your design icons?
Ettore Sottsass Jr., Raymond Lowey, Deiter Rams, Oki Sato, Alexander McQueen, David Carson, Maarten Baas.

Form vs. Function?
Both in equal doses.

In your opinion, what is the best designed item of all time?
The IV Syringe. Small, cheap to manufacture, and simple to use with one hand—and at one point or another our lives will likely be saved or ended by one.

What one item do you wish you owned?
A blimp hanger to house all the many curiosities I currently own and those that I covet.

Where was your favorite place to live?
Wherever I hang my hat becomes my favorite place. Currently that’s Miami, a city in perpetual transition—where retirement homes are being converted into fluorescent colored art galleries. Right or wrong, who wouldn’t want to be part of something so dramatic and amazing?

What’s your favorite room in your home?
My living room is the biggest and the best lit space in my home and I find myself starting, finishing, restarting and completing just about every project there. That’s why the bathroom is my favorite room, it’s to small and dark to do anything but what it was intended for.

What is your personal decorating style?
Found vintage, combined with self made. I think everyone should have at least one or two pieces of DIY in their home.

What’s your favorite possession?
My 5 year-old dumb phone. It does everything a phone is supposed to do and nothing more.

What do you drive?
Dexter, my orange 2004 Limited Edition Scion XB.

What was/is your biggest indulgence?
Caramel & sea salt ice cream from Publix.

What’s the best career advice you ever received? Ever gave?
Always believe in the strength of your ideas.

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