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10 essentials: alicia

1. Every morning I make myself a vanilla latte—it’s like starting the day with dessert.

2. Coming from an apparel/fashion background, I love seeing new fashions, new styles. It’s fun to watch trends volley back and forth between interiors and fashion—and which trends make the shift. Designers like Mary Katrantzou take this to a whole new level while being so inspiring.

3. I’ve always been enamored with the idea of a signature piece. At home it’s a vintage settee we refurbished, designed a fabric for, and recovered—a labor of love that was worth all the work. On my person I always wear a black leather bracelet I picked up in Paris many years ago—I think it’s chic and adds a subtle edge to any outfit.

4. I’ve got a bit of a shoe fetish—I buy high heels on impulse, everywhere from traditional department stores to ebay. My heels have declined in height as I have increased in age but I’m still looking for a pair of turquoise suede super highs—a quest I’ve been on for years. Marc Jacobs made a pair 4-5 years ago but since I didn’t buy them, they’re my unicorn.

5. I am bordering on insanity with my love of acrylic furniture—the peekaboo coffee table actually makes our family room look bigger, the vapor barstools disappear under our island, and the vapor chair adds a chic element to the desk/office. At some point I have to stop or all of our furniture will be invisible.

6. Visiting family in the UK and India when I was growing up gave me a lot of opportunities to travel—so have always felt that experiencing other cultures is worth the investment in time and money. Even with kids we still keep going!

7. I love the idiosyncratic nature of some of the stories on NPR—and the way they vividly bring pictures to life through radio.

8. Being a multi-tasker, yoga is an important opportunity to be present and focused on just my own well-being—I treasure it as part of my weekly routine.

9. My current obsession is Instagram—I just love everything about it. It is so nice to be greeted by such creativity and inspiration every morning, yet it is also functional because it updates me on meaningful experiences happening to friends and family in a visual way.

10. I like the way music feels when its experienced live so I’m an avid concertgoer. Spotify has changed my life—how it enables you to switch from Yo Yo Ma to Vampire Weekend in a millisecond and on a whim. Makes dinner parties more fun and spontaneous for sure.

Thanks to alicia, director of marketing, for this submission.

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