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the hester street fair

The Hester Street Fair is a new weekly event that takes place every Saturday and Sunday in Manhattan’s lower east side from 10am til 6pm.

At the turn of the century, Hester Street was the site of the busiest outdoor market in New York City.

Today, it’s a small, fun mix of vendors—lots of delicious food, vintage goods and new jewelry/craft items.

Have a look around and watch for Vashali’s mini-terrariums in whirly candleholders!

Thanks to jen, store manager soho, for this submission.


designer profile: bernard brucha of mash studios

What’s your favorite room at home?
Outdoor space. I have a patio with views of Santa Monica bay and the Malibu coastline—never gets old.

What are your sources of inspiration?
It’s never one thing that inspires a design but a culmination of inspirations, past experiences, and emotions.

In your opinion, what is the best designed item of all time?
Pencils and paper have proven to be pretty useful. Simple things tend to be the best.

What are your interests outside of design?
Travel is fun and makes you see things differently, but when I’m home I’m a surfer, triathlete, and like the outdoors.

What do you drive?
VW R32, Ducati Monster dark, but my favorite is my carbon fiber road bike a Cervelo P3C. It gets amazing gas mileage.

Who are your design icons?
Too many to list—Eames, Noguchi, Max Bill, Dieter Rams, Saarinen, Nakashima…

Form vs. function?
Form definitely form…unless it needs to work…then, function definitely function…

What one item do you wish you owned?
A farm.

Do you have one low budget decorating tip?
Buy things you like and things you’ll be happy passing down to your kids.

Best career advice you received? Gave?
Move to New York… don’t be a garbage man… make your first job the most important one… figure out what you want to do and pursue it at all costs… happiness is the most important thing in life.

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10 essentials: bike to work week

What: Bike to Work Week
: June 12-18
: Chicago
: hundreds of corporate teams and thousands of participants expected

1.  Safety first! A tune-up is imperative.  Making sure your bike is in excellent working order improves the overall function and can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

2. Carry a flat tire repair kit—and a cell phone in case reinforcements need calling.

3.  Change into work clothes when you arrive but wear thoughtful—and safe!—attire such as: a helmut, mud clothes, rain gear, a fluorescent vest/jacket or reflective strips.

5.  A roomy messenger bag or bike basket for toting work essentials, lunch, rain attire, and some extra space for purchases on your bike ride home.

4.  During those hot days or even on days when it is spitting rain it is a great idea to pack a rayon bamboo hand towel in your bag.  Wiping down with the towel during your cool down at your destination in a great way to freshen up and put a “crazy check” on that helmet hair.

6.  A secure bike rack and lock to lock your bike to without worry while working your shift.

7.  Every street conscious biker should have easy access to their bike bell.

8.  Safety lights on the front and back of your bicycle are highly recommended and in some cities required by law.

9.  The w.r.d. bottle.  Filling your bottle with filtered tap water at home and cooling overnight in the refrigerator is a great way to keep refreshing water at bay during your commute.  The reusable bottle also eliminates the use of plastic water bottles further helping the environment.

10.  The recycled bike is a fun desktop reminder of your mission—and it supports a great cause.

Use a calculator at the end of the week to add up those dollars you saved by biking instead of taking public transportation or a personal vehicle.  You can also find a carbon calculator on-line and add up the number of pounds of carbon that you saved the Earth!

Thanks to seth, lincoln park sales, for this submission.


recipe: hearts of palm summer salad

sliced hearts of palm
fresh avocado
sliced or diced celery
sweet corn
shaved parmesan
light olive oil
salt and pepper

For casual summer entertaining, mix all ingredients to taste and enjoy!


watch: split logs

Piles of split logs in these racks and fire pits create one-of-a-kind sculptures highlighting the natural beauty of raw wood.  Repetition is key, not to mention the variety of color and texture of the different species.

All the reasons we love the darjeeling table which is made from reclaimed railroad ties. Each section has its own individual beauty which enhances the whole and makes it truly unique.