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watch: colored lighting cords

Bold colors were strong accents in the all-neutral room settings throughout Milan—but they were pleasantly surprising as lighting cords too.

Whether bright red or a rich blue, they stood out and enhanced beautifully proportioned lighting designs.

We love this idea and incorporated it into the utility pendant and discus floor lamps from this Spring’s assortment—just wait until daylight savings and our new lighting this Fall!


10 essentials: chris

1. Renee Fleming is the most amazing lyric soprano. Her voice drives me wild!

2. Der Rosenkavalier is my favorite opera. An early twentieth century work by Richard Strauss set in 18th century Vienna. I get goose bumps every time I listen.<

3. A dirty martini—add some blue cheese stuffed olives and it’s a meal!

4. I like shiny surfaces like polished chrome. It always looks sleek and sophisticated.

5. Absolutely Fabulous—the best TV series ever.

6. is a hilarious blog that covers the advertising, media, and pop culture world.

7. Madonna manages to push peoples buttons whether you’re a fan or not. I’ve seen her many times on stage and her performances rival athletic feats.

8. Colonial Williamsburg is not too far from where I grew up in Virginia and I still get a kick out of the people in period costumes serving you hot cider on a fall day.

9. Lacquer finishes are always modern and sexy.

10. Timo and Sebastian are my two kitties that are dogs trapped in cat bodies.

Thanks to chris, store designer midtown atlanta, for this submission.


watch: letters

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog—what we learned in typing class seems to be genetic now as children play with qwerty keyboards in pre-school.

There’s something about typography that we easily identifty with. Perhaps it’s the strong design sensibility of Milan, we wonder how many fonts were designed by its inspirations.

140 characters never said as much as they do today. In our hi-tech world they’re replacing cursive and becoming our universal signature—be they decorative, colorful, playful or a vertical garden!


watch: lace

It’s sometimes hard to imagine a modern life for an icon of the Victorian age—croquet anyone? But in Milan, where new is inspired by old everyday, lace has an exciting new life.

At the da Vinci museum, its complex construction technique and tools helped us appreciate its intricate and delicate beauty.

Inside and outside the fair grounds, it inspired laser cuttings in metal using modern technology—and printing on just about anything. Where else but Zona Tortona would you see outdoor wallpaper? At CB2, check out Chilewich’s crochet runner and placemats for a lacy accent to sleek modern lines.


watch: gingham

Putting a modern spin on classic gingham only enhances its timelessness. Pairing white with rich colors is key. It’s casual like a picnic in the park. It’s pure, crisp and refreshing in its simple 2-color graphics.

We love the idea of big dramatic square shapes. Check out our fab four—white square dinner plates with square placemats in black, orange or green to create a gingham inspired table setting.