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defining modern spaces: rugs

Lofts…wiiide open spaces…that’s what we’re talking about.

Usually they feel vast, airy, and full of possibilities. But other times they can look scattered and lack function.

The key is defining unique usable spaces within the overall space—without losing what attracted you to it in the first place.

To get the job done, rugs work especially well. Consider these examples:


pre-construction: toronto

Most of us south of the border have never been but from the blogs and tweets we’ve read, boy did we miss out.

This past weekend, after more than 20 years of supporting Toronto’s goth, alternative, techno and heavy metal fans and local musicians with all-age shows, final acts performed then closed the legendary Big Bop.

photo courtesy of Aaron Miller,

Soon, work will begin to renovate the building in preparation for its next life, our first store in Canada.

We look forward to being part of the local fabric and we’re honoured to have the Big Bop stage. We sincerely acknowledge its youthful energy and spirit and we’ll do our best to carry it on.

Stay tuned for construction status and the opening date!


10 essentials: curtis

1. “Shake it photo” app for the iPhone. Takes your photos and gives them the look of a Polaroid. It’s fun to watch them develop as you shake your phone.

2. One of my favorite websites is It’s gives a peek into the homes and studios of artists.

3. My current color obsession is gray. I painted my new place shades of gray from dark to light. I have bright yellow dining chairs and I love how they pop off of the dark gray walls yet feel sophisticated.

4. Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I’m a terrible cook.

5. The peekaboo console is a piece I know I will always have in my home. It’s simple, modern and can be used in a variety of ways.

6. I’m making an effort to travel more. I especially love to take off to a warm climate in the middle of a Chicago winter.

7. I’m lucky in my position to be surrounded by creative people. Many of our photo assistants are artists and I love going to see their work.

8. A great pair of boots. A must have.

9. A perfectly chilled martini…vodka, dirty, three olives.

10. A slice of New York style pizza after a night out with friends.


one of a finds: tru(n)ck

From Jodhpur to New Delhi, heavy duty trucks of all kinds jam the roads of India decorated in colorful and symbolic art. With kitschy images of everything under the sun—from stylized sunset scenes and Bollywood movie stars to flowers and religious symbols—these handpainted rolling metal canvases enliven the dry landscape as the driver’s take pride in their personal statement.

This funky and functional storage tru(n)ck is handpainted by original “truck artists” with birds of freedom, the sacred lotus and “OK Horn Please”.

It is truly a small piece of national tradition that helps sustain its artistic creators and will instantly transport you to the roadways of Mumbai.


multi-use (-room, -task, -function) modern furniture

By design, modern furniture is often clean, sleek and architectural. And while it can mix with anything—usually—it can do double duty. All it takes is knowing your needs and your space, and using a little imagination. For example?

Peekaboo console as a mini-bar…or a work station.

Go-cart 3-shelf cart in the office…or the kitchen.

Array…media or bath storage. Cadet cabinet for the bath…or the kitchen.

Halogen credenza for dining…or media storage.

Storage shelf with doors in a bathroom…or an office.

When you look at furniture without a name or description, can you see its hidden potential?