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watch: bicycles

For all ten days we spent in Milan for the international furniture fair, one didn’t go by without Marta suggesting we rent bicycles to get around.

In this ancient, modern and fashionable city, it comes as no surprise that these words aptly describe the hundreds of bikes we saw.

Vintage styles with straw baskets, newer ones with electronic gadgets to measure every kilometer, and stylish? Each projected the personality of the rider be they young, old, or too little to reach the pedals.
We’re looking forward to bike to work week in Chicago June 12-19th, in the meantime we’re wondering…if CB2 were a bike, what kind of bike would it be?


watch: acrylic

Walking around Milan we saw clear acrylic used to make all sorts of things. More than once we saw it in translucent colors—even fluorescent colors—but the Swatch store door handle was the most unique with watch parts floating in it.

A little bit can have a dramatic impact without being loud. It’s become a modern classic since it goes with everything—just like a little black dress. To get the look, check out our peekaboo tables.


watch: milan i saloni 2010

Couldn’t make it to Milan for the Salone International Furniture Fair?

Let us take you there! We took thousands of photos and edited them to just under 200 of our favorites. Watch for them every day as we share the trends from A to Z.



Introducing a new category on our blog.

Where we’ll share inspirations from around the world.



displaying modern art

Mixing modern and vintage is right on trend but it can be a challenge if your architecture is from another century. We hope you can forgive us for the quality of the image, but this creative idea from our Miami store was one of our favorite solutions that we wanted to share.

In Victorian times, picture rails were incorporated into the trim or molding as a way to hang portraits and art. Usually thick ropes ornate with tassels were attached to the artwork and hidden clips allowed for easy placement and positioning on the rail—without doing damage to plaster walls.

While the bungee cords shown are looped around the metal pole, consider latching their hooks on to actual picture rails to hang modern art or framed photos. Cords come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and colors; check your local hardware store to find the most appropriate for the task and hang on!