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recipe: easy shrimp cocktail

Defrost pre-cooked colossal size shrimp from Trader Joe’s and serve on a bed of sliced lemons—their cocktail sauce is delicious too.

Fancy, savory, protein.


recipe: easy goat cheese dip

Place goat cheese in a small baking dish:
pour on your favorite marinara
heat in oven or microwave until hot.

Voila!—dip for melba toast.

Saucey, salty, amore.

Thanks to amy, product manager’s assistant, for this submission.


new year, new days

simple diary Starting 2010 as a clean slate, most of us are optimistic for a Happy New Year. What better way to take note of it than with Keel’s simple diary?

We acknowledge our thoughts every time we update our web pages or text a message, now here’s the perfect place to record them.

With limited choices to summarize how your day was, such as “a gallop, a pickle or jumping through hoops”, edited options help keep you focused and require less energy to maintain a daily journal.

Included are daily quotations such as “Imagination is the foundation of reality” and “Technology fooled us”. And thoughtful questions are posed such as “You are too calm to be nervous. Yes or No”.

Maybe a daily check-in would maintain some perspective when you got a parking ticket? Or, help you remember a triumph? At the very least, even the most mundane Wednesday could be slightly more humorous and thought-worthy.


merry christmas!

To you and yours, warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas, from all of us at CB2.


recipe: easy mushroom and parsley salad

Mix in a bowl:
1 lb white mushrooms thinly sliced
1/3 cup chopped parsley

Top with shaved parmesan and dressing:
lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper to taste

Unique, healthy, savory.

hint: have toothpicks handy for that pesky parsley!

Thanks to jen, CB2 planner, for this submission.