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one of a finds: singing bowl

On a recent buying trip to New Delhi, we ventured into Old Delhi, basically in search of a needle in a haystack. Other than walking, a rickshaw is the only way to travel so I and a guide hopped on and rode through narrow alleys until we found a metal shop they knew.

Inside we went through countless small rooms on four floors that were littered with lanterns, bowls, sculptures and puppets—there must have been thousands of metal items—my head was spinning like a kid in a candy store.

On the top floor we saw stacks and piles of beautiful brass bowls—all different sizes and some filled with wooden mallets. My guide explained the beautiful story of the singing bowl and knew instantly we had discovered a one of a find.

This bronze meditation instrument is hand-hammered and hand-finished of pure bronze in a centuries-old Himalayan tradition believed to date back to the pre-Buddhist 10th to 12th centuries.

Now almost a lost art, this Himalayan singing bowl is handcrafted by village craftsmen in the West Bengal region of India, bordering Nepal and Bhutan.

To experience the bowl’s mesmerizing harmonic overtones, hold the bowl with your fingertips and arm slightly outstretched. Hold the the tip of the wood mallet and slowly spin it around the metal rim a few times to release a magical frequency. Namaste.


10 essentials: sara

hannah1. Miniature daschunds. Our family dog Hannah is a short red hair. I love their quirky proportions, long snout and semi-sad faces.

2. Big chunky jewelry. Its fun when jewelry becomes a statement piece and adds drama to a basic t-shirt and jeans. And I love finding unique pieces while travelling.

3. Hockey. I’ve recently gotten sucked into the sport. It’s going to make the harsh Chicago winters a little more bearable.

4. Chips and salsa. My absolute favorite food—some nights its dinner.

5. The beach. I thrive in the summer and love traveling to the Caribbean. There’s no better feeling than being near the water and lounging in the sun on the sand.

6. White percale sheets. Basic and essential to the bedroom. There’s nothing better than climbing into white as white crisp sheets.

percale sheets7. Wide planked floors—either bleached and high gloss white. They’re a modern alternative to traditional wood flooring and I love how they open up a space.

8. Music. Absolutely essential to life.

9. Muji’s wall-mounted cd player. A simple, ingenious design by Naoto Fukasawa.

10. The Citroen DS, 1955–75. An elegant yet whimsical design that always makes me smile.

2730247314_1d82cce980 citroen cropped photo by andrijbulba,


opening day: miami

Hola Miami!

We’re extremely proud to announce the opening of our 7th store earlier today.

Do you know how many people it takes to open a CB2 store that was built from the ground up? Neither do we—exactly—but we have a pretty good idea.

It takes many hands and a lot of passion. It starts with the architects and construction crew. Inventory control, floor stockers and sales associates not only unload the trucks, they unpack the merchandise and display it. Buyers and store designers make everything look good from product to display details. And finally a PR team gets the word out so we can greet our first and last customer—and everyone in between.

Welcome—we’re thrilled to see you!


announcing 2.0!

We’re very excited to announce that has a new look—and new functions! Here’s a quick summary which we hope make for an easier, faster and more enjoyable online experience.

- better imagery gets you closer to the details

- more room view photography for added inspiration

- favorites can now be saved for later reference

- save time with express checkout

- a visual shopping cart (at the bottom of the screen) shows all items selected

- see estimated delivery charges and a running total—all before check-out

- move items between your favorites, gift registry and shopping cart

- register gift cards and check balances

- easier order tracking

- a new “stores and events” section includes maps and directions—via public transportation or your own wheels<

- the CB2 mobile website has also been updated—and optimized for smaller mobile screens.

It takes a lot of passion and countless hours to revamp our biggest “store”. Special thanks to everyone who contributed especially in direct marketing, MIS web development, graphics, and web merchandising.


10 essential years 

As we begin a new decade, we’d like to take a moment for reflection to celebrate CB2’s 10th anniversary. While some things stayed firmly the same, we’re amazed by just how much we’ve changed in that brief time.

As much as we live and die for the latest trends, our core values remained in tact: quality, value, design, community—not to mention our sense of humor and our ability to take a risk.

You surprised us all by making some of our biggest gambles our best sellers—such as parlour, an orange upholstered side chair, and whimsical elf candleholders.

Although we’d like to forget, more than a few products keep us humble and nervous reminding us that we all make mistakes.

Pink fluffy maracas, marabou bottle bags, and disco gift wrap—what were we thinking???

We believe there’s incredible value in classic, timeless, modern designs—some of which were introduced in 2003, are still valid today, and will be tomorrow. Including trig office furniture, marta barware and peekaboo occasional tables.

In 2004, was launched and our first catalog was mailed in 2006. This week, we’ll launch a redesign of and in Miami, orange doors will open to our first store built from the ground up.

Whether you’ve been a fan from the beginning and bought a shower cap in support of our start-up, or just made your first purchase of white square dinner plates last week, together we built a thriving business.

We humbly Thank You and look forward to serving you for decades to come.