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london weights

We mixed business with pleasure on our recent trip to Old Delhi when we went grocery shopping with a friend. We were mesmerized by one of the oldest shops selling spicy munchies.

While a team cooked up savory treats, the man in charge took and weighed your order. Everything was packaged to measure—and calculated using an age old scale and the original version of these London weights.

And even though it was terribly hot, we were so hungry we snapped up some spiced cashews!


10 essentials: ryan

photo by enigmachk1, flickr.com1. Italy. My mother is Italian and I love everything about the country including the clothes, wines and foods. Especially proscuitto, with good Italian bread there is nothing more enjoyable.

2. Bowers & Wilkins Speakers. Their design is fantastic and the sound quality is excellent. I love music so they’re a must have.

3. Classic Cars, especially the Triumph TR3—all models. I love the history and tradition of Triumph, their cars and motorcycles.

4. Chesterfield sofas. I love their tradition and I love leather.

5. Christmas.

6.  GQ Magazine is one of my favorite magazines.  It has a classic heritage yet continues to evolve.  It is always different and always extremely well written.

7. Navy. My favorite color—it’s classic yet modern so it will never be out of style.

8. The stratus bed. The design is beautiful and slipcovers can be very modern and are always classic.

9. The 60’s, “Mad Men”. I love the styles and the JFK era intrigues me.

10. Nantucket. It’s really beautiful so I appreciate their strict rules on new architecture—not to mention the fresh seafood.

3912389085_d5b14a9e36 nantucket photo by greenbk,, creative commons 2.0


happy new year!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year, from all of us at CB2.


recipe: easy shrimp cocktail

Defrost pre-cooked colossal size shrimp from Trader Joe’s and serve on a bed of sliced lemons—their cocktail sauce is delicious too.

Fancy, savory, protein.


recipe: easy goat cheese dip

Place goat cheese in a small baking dish:
pour on your favorite marinara
heat in oven or microwave until hot.

Voila!—dip for melba toast.

Saucey, salty, amore.

Thanks to amy, product manager’s assistant, for this submission.