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update: miami

Foundation? Check.
Roof and walls? Next.

We’re 3 weeks closer to opening the orange doors in January at Lincoln Road Mall, 1661 Jefferson Avenue, and we’re amazed by the process and progress.

We’ll continue to share photos of the build so if you happen to pass by, upload them to Flickr, tag them as “CB2” and drop us a note!

Thanks to amy, product manager assistant, for snapping the photos while on vacation with jimmy, her husband/CB2 architect.


the soundtracks of CB2

draper room

Photography can immediately conjure a mood—and sometimes a virtual soundtrack. But how do you translate that from a catalog to reality in store locations?

Our criteria for choosing music is for listeners to feel the vibe of CB2 so we play unexpected set lists. From ‘Kraftwerk’ the German pioneers of electronic music of the late 70s, to ‘Goldfrapp’ of the European ultra-hip dance pop genre, with a little ‘Yelle’ in between.

Sometimes we get inspiration from specific products. Right now there are several furniture pieces that take classic, mid-century design elements and update them for a fresh modern feel, so it was natural to bring in music to compliment the look.

‘The Bird and the Bee’ are perfect—a swank duo from California that mix loungy 60’s instrumentals, cheeky lyrics, and of the moment Euro-disco beats.

We also like to bring in music that reflects our sense of humor. We love seeing a customer’s reaction when an obscure, underground disco track comes on, or a long forgotten 80s tune.

It’s great to see people move to the beat or lounge on a sectional, and we’re always looking for something fresh—so what’s CB2 on your iPod?

Thanks to chris, store designer miami who also compiles our soundtracks, for this submission.


a star is born

The Oliver appetizer plates came from an idea to create a quirky, hand illustrated design that “interacted” with photo-realistic objects—a big graphics trend.

Knowing that the design would go on our cuatro plates, we brainstormed about objects that one might have on an appetizer plate at a party. Crumbs, toothpicks, olives, crackers, and corks all came to mind, so we took some rough photos of them and started doodling.

initial sketches

What ended up sticking with everyone was “the guy with the teeth”. So next we chose our favorite appetizer bits—olives, corks and toothpicks—and shot a wide variety of each in our photo studio. We printed the photos onto drawing paper and mixed this 2-D “teeth” character playing with 3-D objects.

oliver evolves

Going into this we felt very strongly about using actual pen and paper—no computers. Many different types of pens and papers were tested until the illustration quality was right. At this point, the character’s personality took shape and he was affectionately dubbed Oliver.

He’ll pick up whatever’s on your plate so keep an eye on him—and watch for more pieces to come!
oliver appetizer plates

Thanks to jana in graphic design who contributed and—more importantly—brought Oliver to life.


DIY goes DIO (do-it-OURselves)

Summer’s over and those easy home projects never got started? Or finished? Check out this time-lapsed video to see how fast one can be when tackled by a team.

Considering this project took a total of 48 working hours—12 team members just 4 hours each in real-time. What if the you in DIY was plural—as in do-it-ourselves?

Imagine what a difference multiplicity could make. Instead of a working vacation, what if it only took a few friends a few hours to replace your old linoeum kitchen flooring with sustainable cork tiles?

To start a DIO group:

  1. simply contact friends and family who would drive you to the airport—they’re the committed ones!
  2. each of you writes a list of projects that seem daunting for one, but a breeze for three or more
  3. rotate projects and houses so everyone benefits
  4. for best results, assign tasks based on each persons’ strengths or experience 
  5. be materials prepared to avoid delays
  6. finally check it off your list!

In the process you can teach a friend how to hem curtains or learn how to replace a faucet—the possibilities are as endless as your list.

Been there, done that? What was the project and how did it go?


arbor day... in september? / CC BY 2.0As a chill develops in the air and the days get shorter, do you think “just how did I spend my summer vacation?” or do you start to pine for the rewards of spring?

Before you daydream off, and if you’re looking for something else to do besides rake leaves, think about this. Arbor Day sprouted in Nebraska in 1872 and since then has grown to International observance. Each participating country declared their own date based on the best planting time for their climate—remember fall up north = spring down south.

Check out the best time for planting in your hardiness zone by visiting the official Arbor Day Foundation website and plan ahead.

Can’t wait for the last Friday in April? Celebrate with Brazil on September 21st then nurture seedlings in teardrop hanging vases thru winter. And don’t forget to share your thoughts on what’s best to grow and plant!