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How many times have you sat down at a restaurant and been so enamored by the appetizer plate that you turned it over to find out where it’s from? “Who made it and where can I get it?

When you turned over that plate, did you spot our logo? Over the past few years scores of restaurants have been serving everything from spuds to sushi on our dinnerware. Favorites include white square dinner plates, cuatro platters and the curve appetizer spoons.

Now that you know one of their secrets to awesome presentations, would you share your favorite creations using CB2 dinnerware? Or, for inspiration check out Mexique and Fat Cat Bar in Chicago, Vermillion and Death + Company in NY, and The Beta Lounge and Local 123 Cafe in Berkeley—all are fans of CB2-wares!


multi-purpose modern furniture

Over the past few years as we’ve developed modern furniture, we’ve learned that modern furniture with minimal details can be the most challenging to engineer, but the most elemental furniture can also be the most versatile.

So instead of building multiple functions into a piece, we prefer to keep it simple. For example, the halogen credenza can be used as either a dining credenza or a media cabinet—built-in cord management helps!

And as we pare down our spaces, we’re thinking outside the box to maximize storage. Consider mixing business with pleasure by using the sidecar high dining table as a work table and for entertaining!

We’ve learned that small space living requires imagination, flexibility and focus—especially when editing. Do you have any helpful hints to share?


the charm of tchotchkes

Let’s start by defining a “tchotchke”. Officially it’s a Yiddish word for a trinket. Unoffiicially it’s usually what’s leftover at garage sales—for a song if not “FREE!”

But before you toss that wacky 1950s porcelain figurine if it’s not quite your style, consider its potential value on the open market and take a look at what we spotted in Milan earlier this year.

That’s right! Mixing old and new is still a strong trend—and even more personal by including a family “heirloom” from your Grandmother. Why not try mixing that charming whozeewhat you looked forward to seeing when you visited your favorite Uncle with truly modern accessories like stainless steel cylinder vases or beaker glass candleholders?

Hint: pick one vintage piece per grouping so it becomes the highlight.

Do you have better taste than your ancestors and are you lacking the perfect tchotchke to complete your vignette? Why not check out local flea or antique markets? Remember when talking eco-friendly, reuse or repurpose comes right after reduce!

If this is old news to you, then how about sharing your favorite places to shop for vintage trinkets?


creativity explored

Creativity Explored is a non-profit visual arts center in San Francisco where local artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell their artwork. Initiated in 1983 by Florence and Elias Katz based on the principal that all people have the ability to create, and that artistic expression is a viable means to self-growth, they support artists with workspaces, materials, and studio sessions.

Over a year ago our San Francisco store manager asked the staff how they could connnect with local organizations, and voila they discovered Creativity Explored. They soon coordinated an in-store event where select artists were invited to paint one of our bentwood dining chairs; they were then auctioned and profits directly benefited the organization (two examples are shown above).

We loved the chairs and continue to admire the artwork and artists on their website. So starting this Fall, in an effort to combine our eco- and social-conscious causes, we married the two and came up with a reusable canvas tote featuring artwork by a participating artist.

For our first collaboration, a limited edition of 2700 gallery totes will feature “Houses” by artist Antonio Benjamin; and for every tote produced, a percentage of the proceeds will go directly to Creativity Explored. Each tote is made of 100% unbleached cotton with lead- and cadmium-free inks.

Would you like to know when our next project debuts? In the meantime, Creativity Explored has themed exhibitions planned through 2009. Check out their website for the roster and selected works available for purchase.


one of a finds: palace portrait painting

This original palace portrait painting is hand-painted by an almost extinct community of Bollywood artists known for their kitschy, glam movie posters and sets. With the Mumbai film industry’s move to digital vinyl billboards, the talent of these fine artists is no longer in demand.

Once required to produce up to 20 posters a day during their movie days, this special initiative provides the artists not only a source of income, but the opportunity for a slower pace focused on their skills and passion for painting.

In an effort to keep this art form alive, this limited edition of 228 paintings has been commissioned from the hands of the original masters. This portrait of a regal couple painted in black and white with theatrical color highlighting only jewelry and costume details, harkens back to the romance of a lost age and an iconic art form.