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edit and repeat

tesso and mello

One of the key elements of modern is repeating simple, well-designed pieces for dramatic impact. Whether its bookcases, wine racks or wall art, making a statement in multiples is clean and easy.

When editing, choose pieces that are simple in design. This will allow the function or finishes to amplify.

For example, a tesso bookcase (above) on its own may seem “lightweight” with it’s clear glass shelves. In multiples they become part of the architecture of a room, much like a built-in. The final effect is that the eye goes to collected objects on display.

The texture found in print block panels is stronger when there’s simply more of it. And lastly, cellar wine racks are much more useful—and visually powerful—when rowed or stacked.

What items work in multiples for you?


"can do" food drive 2009

“can do” food drive, 2008

One of CB2’s goals is to ensure our stores work with local non-profit groups to make a difference in their community. Last year’s “can do” food drive was an enormous success to say the least. Customers and associates awed us with their generosity by bringing in literally tons of food stuffs. Some interrupted their shopping to go to the grocery store while others donated food without asking for anything in return.

Again this year, November 9th through the 25th, in-store customers are welcome to bring in 5 non-perishable items and receive a 15% discount on any purchase, for details see the “fine print” below.

Food stuffs collected will go directly to each local food bank. Following is information about each organization, all of which were chosen as a partner by their local CB2 store.

Berkeley, CA
The mission of the Alameda County Community Food Bank is to alleviate hunger in the community by providing nutritious food and nutrition education to people in alameda food bank logoneed, educating the public, and promoting public policies that address hunger and its root causes.

For more information, visit

Chicago, IL
Lakeview Pantry is a non-profit organization with the mission of eliminating hunger in the Lakeview community of Chicago by providing food to fill the basic need of hungry people, increasing the independence of clients through self-help initiatives and other innovative programs, and raising awareness of poverty and its solutions.

The pantry provides on-site food distribution, home delivery service for the homebound, distributes free clothing, and runs a case management program in order to help clients connect with other services they may need.

Lakeview Pantry is one of the few pantries in the city to offer food distribution to homeless people. The pantry purchases, or obtains donations of lakeview pantryspecially packaged foods that do not require refrigerator storage or can openers for the homeless population who seek out our services.

For more information, visit

Los Angeles, CA
The mission of the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in the Los Angeles community.

LA food bankTo fulfill their mission they source and acquire food and other products and distribute to needy people through charitable agencies or directly through programs. They energize the community to get involved and support hunger relief. They also conduct hunger education and awareness campaigns and advocate for public policies that alleviate hunger.

For more information, visit

New York, NY
Now serving New York City for more than 25 years, City Harvest is the world’s first food rescue organization dedicated to feeding the city’s hungry.

city harvest logoCity Harvest exists to end hunger in communities throughout New York City—through food rescue and distribution, education, and other practical, innovative solutions.

Each week, City Harvest helps over 260,000 hungry New Yorkers find their next meal. This year, they will collect over 25 million pounds of excess food from all segments of the food industry, including restaurants, grocers, corporate cafeterias, manufacturers, and farms.

For more information, visit

San Francisco, CA
Founded in 1981, the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation’s mission is to be a leader in making the Tenderloin community of San Francisco a better place to live by providing safe, affordable housing with support services for low-income people in the neighborhood.

tenderloin logoTNDC owns and manages 26 local buildings that provide homes for 2,500 extremely low-income seniors, families, low-income wage earners, people with disabilities, immigrants and many others.

In addition, TNDC provides support services to help residents stabilize their lives and develop a sense of community. Support services include a team of 17 on-site social workers, the free Tenderloin After-School Program (TASP) for neighborhood children, and a Community Organizing Program to encourage and empower residents to get involved in making positive change in the Tenderloin.

For more information, visit

CB2 food drive 15% discount is good toward in-person, CB2 store purchases only, November 9-25, 2009. Discount applicable only on the day customer donates food items at a CB2 store. FLOR tiles not included. Discount may not be applied against past purchases, toward the purchase of Gift Cards, toward any other promotions, or toward purchases by employees of CB2, Crate and Barrel, or Land of Nod or such employees’ immediate family members. Discount may not be applied toward shipping or taxes, nor is this discount cumulative.

creating CB2 windows

Storefront windows have been a staple since the dawn of “shoppe” keepers. Over time they evolved into a form of entertainment and experimentation. Today they have to stand out from the competition, stop you in your tracks—and catch your eye between blinks—no pressure, really.

Developing a concept is the first and most difficult step of planning windows. After some brainstorming a strong idea emerges to suit the product selection. Next we’ll order the merchandise to stock it, buy supplies and schedule help.

carbon copy window

For these ‘carbon copy’ windows we were inspired by the movie “500 days of summer”. The lead character in the movie, an architect, had a chalkboard wall in his bedroom to sketch ideas—including a virtual headboard for his bed.

We incorporated this idea into the window theme—which became ‘grey, black, white and a single hit of bold color’—by drawing elements customers might have in their homes, like a flight of stairs and a vintage French mirror.

Erick's mirror 1 Mark-Austin stairsElliot To produce the windows we sought local (and hidden) talent within our store. Mark-Austin, Elliot and Erick created the chalk drawn interior spaces—the virtual settings for actual product.

In the end, the most successful windows not only display products in the best light possible, they’re created by a talented and enthusiastic team who participate in the creative process and contribute their skills to the execution. Many thanks to the Sunset team for all their support and hard work!

Are you inspired to DIY? How about hanging an infinity mirror and chalking your own frame? We’d love to see what details suit your personality.

Thanks to todd, store designer west hollywood, for this submission.


an office at home

If today’s business climate has forced you to re-think your career choice, is creating your dream job an option? What about returning to school to either finish or further your education? There are more and more stories of entrepreneurs who’ve turned a hobby into a small business—so why not start-up at home?

First you’ll need your million dollar idea and lots of motivation, then you can get to work setting-up shop. Next, space. Carving out a room is ideal but a nook will do.

home office nook

studio office chairTo get started, you’ll need these 5 essentials.

1. a desk. Graph incorporates drawers to keep files easily accessible and, depending on how paperless you operate, could elminate a file cabinet.

2. a versatile desk chair. Studio’s bungee cord “upholstery” means its comfortable for most and it pretty much goes anywhere. Just like the executives’, it pivots and lifts for the best ergonomic fit.
turner sconce

3. lighting. The first thing that comes to mind is a task lamp, but why not work with your existing decor and use a floor lamp or the turner sconce? Your office will will be more integrated and you’ll free-up valuable real estate on your desktop.
metropolis wall clock

4. time management. Go bold with an oversized clock like metropolis—the perfect compliment to all of the above.

5. include the fun factor! It’s not optional, it’s mandatory. What are the little things in life that make you smile and give you energy? Fu dog bookends or an orange swingline stapler?
fu dog bookendsswingline stapler orange

So many questions, so many untapped opportunities to be your own boss! Already on this trend? What are your best practices? How about sharing a room like this couple did with back to back desks?



simply modern, simply ghoulish

halloween2halloween poison croppedWhether it’s getting all dressed up in a costume and make-up, or making a statement in all black, Halloween is one party where everyone can have some fun.

To get in the mood, and not break the bank on decorations, it’s not too late to inject a simple element or two into a modern home to spook up festive spirits.

1. all black
2. lots of candles
3. orange accents
4. masks of any kind
5. cobwebs

hint: create a graphic spiderweb using black electrical tape on a glass top table.

halloween tablescape