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big van on campus

Similar to camping, campus life is a matter of focusing on the basics to survive the elements…of academia. And being prepared for just about anything—within the smallest of spaces and budgets—takes some research and creativity.

As mini-vans are packed to haul students back to college, would you believe some bring chandeliers!? But have you ever thought how one could transform a dorm into a home away from home?

Instead of a conventional bed, consider lubi. It can be used as a bed, a sofa, and opens up to a crash-pad for road-trip friends. Claim your space with Flor tiles around the bed—buy only what you need and remember they’re replaceable and eco-friendly. On top of the bed, organic cotton sheets are a no-brainer.

The trig desk is a basic design that will mix effortlessly with roommates’ furniture, and with its bungee cord construction the studio desk chair is comfortable into the wee hours of all-nighters. To maximize space, consider air space. Array bookcases stack textbooks, towels, and hoodies 60” high within a 14-square inch footprint!

If you only have space to store one item from the kitchen—make it a silo mug. It’s generous size is perfect for caffeinated drinks, chili after the kitchen’s closed, and yogurt with granola at midnight.

Not only are bamboo towels eco-friendly, they’re anti-bacterial…a major safety feature in dorm showers!

CB2 products will last much longer than a school year, so the quality and versatility from dorm room to apartment or house is a smart way to go green affordably. For example, the items mentioned total less than $1500. but post-graduation, their future’s priceless.


something old, something CB2

When we started planning our wedding, we envisioned something romantic and definitely casual. Luckily we found an old barn in Michigan which was both.

Once that big decision was made, many smaller ones would follow that would give us the opportunity to personalize the setting. For example, to express both our modern and traditional sensibilities we chose to juxtapose the clean modern lines of CB2 accessories with the weathered barn and woodsy setting

So for half the tables we used tall and short glass cylinder vases filled with river stones and white pillar candles, and simple arrangements of yellow orchids decorated the others.

We loved the look—not to mention the price and the easy assembly! Our guests also loved the CB2 centerpieces because they got to take them home at the end of the night. So now when we visit friends, we see them displayed proudly. And not only do they bring back wonderful memories, by giving this gift we continue to share the joys of our special day.



How many times have you sat down at a restaurant and been so enamored by the appetizer plate that you turned it over to find out where it’s from? “Who made it and where can I get it?

When you turned over that plate, did you spot our logo? Over the past few years scores of restaurants have been serving everything from spuds to sushi on our dinnerware. Favorites include white square dinner plates, cuatro platters and the curve appetizer spoons.

Now that you know one of their secrets to awesome presentations, would you share your favorite creations using CB2 dinnerware? Or, for inspiration check out Mexique and Fat Cat Bar in Chicago, Vermillion and Death + Company in NY, and The Beta Lounge and Local 123 Cafe in Berkeley—all are fans of CB2-wares!


multi-purpose modern furniture

Over the past few years as we’ve developed modern furniture, we’ve learned that modern furniture with minimal details can be the most challenging to engineer, but the most elemental furniture can also be the most versatile.

So instead of building multiple functions into a piece, we prefer to keep it simple. For example, the halogen credenza can be used as either a dining credenza or a media cabinet—built-in cord management helps!

And as we pare down our spaces, we’re thinking outside the box to maximize storage. Consider mixing business with pleasure by using the sidecar high dining table as a work table and for entertaining!

We’ve learned that small space living requires imagination, flexibility and focus—especially when editing. Do you have any helpful hints to share?


the charm of tchotchkes

Let’s start by defining a “tchotchke”. Officially it’s a Yiddish word for a trinket. Unoffiicially it’s usually what’s leftover at garage sales—for a song if not “FREE!”

But before you toss that wacky 1950s porcelain figurine if it’s not quite your style, consider its potential value on the open market and take a look at what we spotted in Milan earlier this year.

That’s right! Mixing old and new is still a strong trend—and even more personal by including a family “heirloom” from your Grandmother. Why not try mixing that charming whozeewhat you looked forward to seeing when you visited your favorite Uncle with truly modern accessories like stainless steel cylinder vases or beaker glass candleholders?

Hint: pick one vintage piece per grouping so it becomes the highlight.

Do you have better taste than your ancestors and are you lacking the perfect tchotchke to complete your vignette? Why not check out local flea or antique markets? Remember when talking eco-friendly, reuse or repurpose comes right after reduce!

If this is old news to you, then how about sharing your favorite places to shop for vintage trinkets?