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designer solutions for small(er) space living

When CB2 Soho opened in 2007, I relocated to Brooklyn from Chicago as store designer. New York being a bit more densly populated, once I found a place it was time to get creative with my smaller space. Especially since I’m not the kind of guy who has only 6 pairs of shoes—and gives up one when he buys a 7th.

I got the biggest bang for my footprint buck with floor to ceiling shelves in the hall. They stow a space heater or A/C unit, tax files and a printer, air mattress and extra blankets, a suitcase and 12 pairs of shoes! A canvas tarp as a curtain not only hides the stash, it adds texture and dramatically heightens the space.

In the living room, a halogen credenza doubles as a media center and library storing audio equipment and art books. The high gloss finish contrasts nicely with a ladder, left behind by the painters, that’s been repurposed as a magazine rack.

But I’m proudest of the kitchen. With so many to-go options, the oven is great for storing pots and pans. Martini glasses fit perfectly in the refrigerator crisper and freezer—and they’re pre-chilled!

A reclaimed 3-drawer dresser not only makes a great work island, it’s closed storage for less display worthy treasures while format shelves give a museum quality to my Kidrobot® and Hot Wheels® collectibles.

All said and done, my dream of modern minimalism has become my eco-conscious reality—especially in winter when my bike fits perfectly above the kitchen cabinets.

Thanks to vance, store designer soho, for this submission.


one of a finds: madhubani painting

madhubani painting

The naive art form of Madhubani painting has been passed down from mother to daughter, generation to generation, exclusively by the Hindu women in the remote Mithila region of northern India. For centuries, paintings were created on the walls and floors of village homes to designate auspicious spaces for festivals and rituals. After this agricultural region suffered a severe drought in the 1960s, the women began selling their paintings on paper to provide food, clothing and education for their children.

This one of a find is a limited edition of 440 original paintings by artist Lalita Devi. Lalita grew up painting at her mother’s side but has been paralyzed for the past 19 years. With the help of family members who steady her hand, she continues to work her craft and share her vision.

In this piece it’s of a jungle where prey and predator live together in harmony. The brilliant colors are made from natural spices, leaves, flowers and soot, and are applied with a cotton-wrapped stick.

It wasn’t easy choosing just one from so many wonderful pieces, but each time we view the painting we’re awestruck knowing there’s so much more to the story depicted and we’re thrilled to share it.


around the world in :56 seconds

When technology is combined with a conceptual vision that elevates the medium and the message, that’s breathtaking genius.

While in India this week and hearing many different languages, we’re reminded of the Tivoli radio exhibit at the Milan Salone this past April. The Babel Tower, was constructed of 934 Model One units as “bricks” and 16 NetWorks as “windows” playing live radio broadcasts from various points throughout the world—inlcuding LA, Brazil, and Egypt.

Thankfully it wasn’t just a one time exhibit. Due to its poplularity it was later reconstructed in London, Paris and Moscow. View the video for the experience.


editions wall art

Recycled “textile” art weaves 75% recycled international newspapers framing a colorful square of 25% recycled painted canvases—handloomed with clear nylon.

Due to the availability of recycled materials and special looms required to handcraft this item, we can only receive small quantities as they are made. As you can see, each piece will be unique and well worth the wait!

Show us your Edition Do you own a CB2 Edition print? Show us your unique version! Just upload it to Flickr with the tags “CB2, edition”.


race for the cure

What: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
: 8:30 am, Saturday, September 26
: Grant Park, Chicago
: 41 CB2 team members, 10,000 total participants expected

For the first time, we’ve assembled a CB2 team to participate in Chicago’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure taking place this Saturday, September 26th. 80% of our merchandising team are women but breast cancer has touched every member in one way or another; so we’re dedicated to raising funds with strong hopes a cure is found soon.

The statistics are astounding—approximately 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. Not only will we be there to support the women who have completed or who are undergoing treatment, we’re participating for the future health of all women. For more statistics, go here.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is the nation’s largest funding source for research dedicated solely to breast cancer. The good news is that currently there are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the US. So together, we know we can make a difference!

First started in 1997, this is the 13th annual race. We hope you can join your local event or come out to support those participating. And tune in next week, we’ll share photos from the event and we’ll let you know how much is contributed—so far we’ve raised over $11K and we’re the #2 fundraising team in the Chicago area.