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CB2 at Dose Market

what: CB2 at Dose Market
when: Sunday, December 8 from 10am-4pm
where: 1st Ward at Chop Shop, 2033 W. North Avenue
getting there: the Damen Station on the Blue Line, valet and street parking available
admission: adults $5, free for kids

Dose Market is an ever-changing, highly-curated marketplace designed to delight. Featuring the finest in food and fashion, meet extraordinary artists, artisans and entrepreneurs—then discover, sample and take home their products.

This Sunday, CB2 will be there to share Holiday DIY ideas—let’s Get Dosed!


holiday favorites: sandra

jack black candleholder
whoever would have thought
opaque matte black glass would be so great looking!? plus the style is modern whimsical—reinvented Colonial-era candle holders from
a classic children’s story, simply brilliant!
stelton press coffee maker
chilly Sunday mornings there’s nothing better than a full pot of hot, black coffee—in the timeless Stelton design it’s definitely on my wish list.
pinch bowls
shiny pretty sparkly things—all year long.


watch: gold


meet us: euga design

Paola Traversa and Eugenio Gargioni
photo by: David Lenaz
Where was your favorite place to live?

What’s your favorite room in your home?
The kitchen since we both have a passion for cooking.

In your opinion, what is the best designed item of all time?
The Bialetti coffeepot.

What are your sources of inspiration?
People and their needs.

What do you drive?
A station wagon—since we have got a baby!

Form vs. function?
They are inextricably linked.

What are your interests outside of design?
Architecture and cooking for both of us, to read and write for Paola and for Eugenio to swim and climb.

Who are you design icons?
Those intellectuals of the past that were humanists—like Munari, Eames, Enzo Mari, Castiglioni.

What is your personal decorating style?
Simple and refined, timeless.

What’s your favorite possession?
Our sketches and paintings by Paola’s mom.

What was/is your biggest indulgence?
Paola can not resist buying books—for Eugenio the indulgence is everything concerns his piano.

What’s the best career advice you ever received? Ever gave?
“Never listen to advice.”

To see all of Euga Design’s current designs for CB2, go here.


recipe: holiday punch

8C cranberry juice
3C citrus vodka
2C ginger ale
2C frozen cranberries
1C soda water
garnish: mint sprigs

Combine vodka and cranberry juice in a punch bowl and give it a good stir. 

Add a few cups of ice, ginger ale, soda water and 2 cups frozen cranberries.

Garnish with mint and enjoy.

Adam’s hints:
—instead of clear ice, make some cranberry mint ice cubes by adding fresh or frozen cranberries, fresh mint to water in ice cube trays.