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animal rescue: tesla

Nicknames: Tesla Rose is named for Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor/physicist best know for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system—and the very cool Tesla Coil which emits high voltage electric discharges that create a pretty good light show.

Tesla’s middle name, Rose, comes from the movie Titanic. There’s a scene where Rose poses naked for Jack on a couch. Early on we realized Tess loved lying on her back for a good tummy rub—and her favorite place for it is on our red velvet couch. She sometimes even brings one of her front paws up over her head, similar to Kate Winslet’s pose!

Before she was famous: Tess is a 3 year old beagle/Australian shepherd mix. She was adopted in October 2011 from a P.A.W.S. shelter in Tinley Park. We don’t know much about her past, but just days before she was adopted, the P.A.W.S. staff found Tesla at a kill shelter in Indiana. She was a bit beat up with a split tongue and crooked jaw, and she had just had a litter of puppies. They brought her across the border to Illinois, where they were able to find her a loving home.

Talent Show: Tesla has lots of energy and loves to play with everyone. She likes nothing better than meeting new people—she gets so excited when someone new opens the door that she spins in circles and jumps up and down until they flip her on her back and give her a good scratch.

Tesla’s best friend is another beagle mix named Darwin. Tesla chases Darwin around and around the yard as fast as she can—and when Darwin finally lets her catch him, they wrestle for hours.

Favorite Snacks: Her favorite treats are peanut butter, deer hooves and fresh bones from her grandpa the hunter.

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animal rescue: bruna

photo by: Bridget Gotz Photography Nicknames: Bruna Mae, B-Dizzle, Bru-Dog, Bruey, B and Softykins—because her fur is bunny soft.

Before she was famous: Bruna was adopted 5 years ago by two volunteers at C.A.R.E.—Community Animal Rescue Effort—who rescued her in Evanston, IL.

It wasn’t easy to convince Ben that another cat would be a good idea—Bruna lives with brother Otto and sisters Kafelnikov and Ueli—but how can you resist those big yellow-green eyes?

Favorite snack: Chicken flavored Temptations®… served after hunting the feather wand toy.

Favorite hangout: Under the covers.

Talent show: Bruna has taught us a lot about patience and is a great addition to our rescue family.


animal rescue: cowgirl

Nicknames: She goes by Cow, Cowie, Cowbell and of course Cowgirl!

Before she was famous: Cowgirl was rescued from a local kennel in Chicago—which also had her mom, dad and 6 other pups! Her brother came home with us first but sadly he passed away from pneumonia at just 2 months. Cow already had moved into a new home but, when they found a stray on the beach and decided to keep it, she had to go back—bittersweet, but it seems we were meant to be together.

Since then, she had to have her back knees rebuilt when she was 2, and on May 11 she celebrated her 8th birthday so she’s going strong—like a Six Million Dollar Dog!

Talent Show: She loves destroying stuffed animals while enjoying a life of leisure. She loves to go to grandma and grandpa’s house in the country to visit—and to chase the local bunnies!

Favorite Snack: Her favorite snack is meat… any kind, does not matter.


animal rescue: ally

Before she was Famous: Ally was rescued as a puppy by Blackdog All Breed Dog Rescue after she was left at the city pound with two broken back legs. She was rehabilitated, adopted, and now lives in Uptown with her parents and an older sister, Miley, who is also a rescue.

Nicknames: Ally’s nickname is Ally-gator because of her big smile and her propensity for chewing up anything she can get her paws on.

Favorite Snack: A big rawhide bone.

Talent Show: Ally loves running at the Montrose dog beach, playing in the laundry hamper, wrestling with her older sister, and patrolling the neighborhood for squirrels and pigeons. But her best trick is tugging off people’s socks for them—whether they want them on or not!


animal rescue: lola

Just the facts: Lola was rescued with the help of Chicago Pit Stop Rescue and is just 18 months old.

Before she was discovered: Lola was roaming the streets as a stray dog so Animal Control gave her shelter. When they found her, she couldn’t use her front right leg—it’s possible she was hit by a car which shattered her shoulder. She got the medical care she needed, which included the necessary amputation of her leg, and was living with a foster family until we brought her home for the weekend—and that was that! Today, she has a trainer to help with her new transition to family life and is waiting for a cart that will allow her to be more active outside.

Nicknames: I call her Ms. Lolly—my husband often greets her with “rorry ro ro”, our kids refers to her as Snugglebug or Pooh Bear, and her walker affectionately calls her Lollipop because she loves to jump up and give you a kiss.

Favorite Snack: beef marrow bones, organic turkey breast—and nitrate free bacon.

Talent Show: using her puppy dog eyes to make you fall head over heels in love with her, and she has the gift of gab—very good at barking!

Favorite hangouts: snoring the day away on a bed and playing with her rockball in the backyard.

Guilty pleasure: a total belly rub Queen who would be content to lie by your side getting belly rubs until she falls asleep and snores like Grandpa.