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animal rescue: frankie

In the newest CB2 Spring catalog, we got help from some pretty adorable models—only rescued animals were on-set to help bring awareness to animal shelters and pet adoption.

From a Alabama shelter, to a foster home in the Chicago suburbs, he’s now settled in a thoroughly modern urban pad just west of downtown. Nicknames: Frankface, Frankfurter.
Likes: Being fiercely protective of his new baby sister Charlie.
‘Pet’ peeves: Doggy daycare.
Favorite toy: Squirrels!
Favorite napping spot: Wherever his mom is.
Guilty pleasure: Hands down…bacon bits.
Talent Show: The ability to soothe crying babies and behave like a human being—which he thinks he is.
Before he became famous: Frankie was discovered on the adoption site,

Cat and dog adoption fast facts:
…approximately 4 million pet dogs and cats are euthanized each year due to overpopulation.
…25% of pet dogs euthanized in animal shelters are purebred.
…adopting a dog or cat from the Humane Society, ASPCA—any rescue group—can save their life.
…and, being a pet owner can add years to your life too.
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