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artist profile: anne connolly

Continuing our partnership with the Creativity Explored studio in San Francisco—a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell art—painter and printmaker Anne Connolly deftly layered 12 colors to create an energetic abstract piece for the color field rug.

Born in 1951, Connolly has been an artist at Creativity Explored since 1987. While often using contrasting colors for greater impact, her distinctive style features bold, forceful brushstrokes that create multiple layers. The interaction between layers produce interesting results—when opaque, one layer obscures another underneath it. And when diluted or transparent, the layers combine to produce new colors, dynamic compositions, and visual depth to each piece.

To spend one minute with Anne Connolly in the Creativity Explored studio, go here.


the carsten höller experience: new york

photo by: Mesaj What: Carsten Höller: Experience
When: now thru January 22, 2012
Where: New Museum

Experiencing art is an individual, emotional experience—different for every one and perhaps never quite the same for a revisiting viewer.

The Carsten Höller: Experience exhibit at the New Museum brings new meaning to this idea as it toys with and challenges engrained perceptions of the outside world.

Drawing on inspiration from scientific experiments—and through amusement parks or playgrounds—he attempts to manipulate viewer’s physical and psychological sensations creating uncertainty and doubt.


artist profile: vincent jackson

From our friends at the Creativity Explored studio in San Francisco—a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell art—the graphic lady runner depicts a provocative figure.

Like the complex lady depicted in this wool runner, large-scale figurative oil pastels define the work of artist Vincent Jackson—notorious as one of the longest practicing artist in residence at
the studio.

Via a sum of geometric shapes—with elements of traditional African and oceanic imagery, and almost Cubist, her full figure takes form within these densely layered bold linear shapes and softer patterns.

To spend one minute with Vincent Jackson in the Creativity Explored studio, go here.


artist profile: dan golden

Where was your favorite place to live?
I haven’t found my absolute favorite place to live just yet, but can tell you that it will have lots of space and incredible views.

What’s your favorite room in your home?
Either the living room or the bedroom; the living room because it’s filled with art & design books, paper, pens and inspirational objects. The bedroom because it’s where we can just chill out and rest/think.

What are your sources of inspiration?
Experiences—alone, with friends, with new people…making connections. And the usual suspects: artists, films/filmmakers, designers, music, books, etc.

What do you drive?
Well, I drive a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, but I would really love to drive one of these: a vintage Jaguar e-type, a 60s Mercedes 220se, or a BMW model 2002. One day.

What one item do you wish you owned?
Hmmmm….maybe a Rothko.

What are your interests outside of design?
I love comedy/comedians, movies, music, technology, graphic novels (Daniel Clowes type stuff), napping, running, and laughing.

Form vs. Function?
Form and Function, but not necessarily always at the same time.

Your personal decorating style is?
Minimal and vintage.

What’s your favorite element/possession?
Can a dog qualify as an element? If so, then definitely our dog Nutley—he brings a lot of happiness and humor into our lives.

What was/is your biggest indulgence?
Probably my vintage Rolex watch. I obsessed on getting a classic stainless steel oyster perpetual Rolex watch for a long time and finally found the one I was looking for. It has a certain personal significance to me so it’s a very special possession/indulgence.

Do you have one low budget decorating tip?
Draw on your walls.

What’s the best career advice you ever received? Ever gave?
Years ago—when I was a waiter/aspiring singer-songwriter—I met Tom Waits. His advice was to be original and not try to be like anybody else. This advice was simple and true, and applies equally to being a designer.


artist profile: gordon chin

Only artist Gordon Chin from the Creativity Explored studio in San Francisco—a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell art—could have created such playful imagery.

One of his favorite foods—besides pizza and ice cream—this variety of donut appetizer plates is a quick study of a subject that could be endlessly explored.

Born in 1962 and of Chinese descent, Gordon has been experimenting with the many mediums offered at the studios since 2005. But since 2006, he has produced hundreds of greeting cards—most often with an image, a curious phrase, and a wash of watercolor.

To spend one minute with Gordon Chin in the Creativity Explored studio, go here.

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