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how it's made: jaipur handpainted stripe bedding

When Jaipur, India was first developed in the 1700s, artisans and craftsmen were invited to live and work and enrich the city. Over the decades, techniques and skills were passed from one generation to the next—and the area built a reputation for itself.

Here, each piece of Jaipur handpainted stripe bedding is drawn and painted by local, contemporary artists using hand-mixed dyes—an art in itself.

The modern pattern draws inspiration from the hand-tie and dye techniques—and when mixed with this traditional Indian art and a rich color palette—results in a stunning effect of unique textiles.


winter solstice, 2010

photo courtesy of: Eclectic BlogsWhat: Winter Solstice
When: December 21, 2010 at 6:38pm EST

Thankfully the winter doldrums are about to ease—and more doses of healthful vitamin D are on their way. Get outside for some cross-country skiing or a walk around the block to soak them in.