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bike to work day, 2012

photo by: miz_ginevra Who: The League of American Bicyclists
What: Bike to Work Day, 2012
When: Friday, May 18, 2011

Why do you ride?

Whether it’s to save money, preserve the environment, or get exercise and enjoy the fresh air of Spring—the month of May is the perfect time to celebrate the continued virtues of riding and to share the experience with others.

This is the official site for National Bike Month so check the events section often to see what ‘bike month’ and ‘bike to work week’ events are going on in your community—tune up and encourage others to get out riding too!


cicLAvia, 2011

photo by: standardpixelWhat: CicLAvia
When: Sunday, October 9, 10am-3pm
Where: Los Angeles

In response to the congestion and pollution of the city streets in Bogota, Columbia, CiclovĂ­as began there over thirty years ago in 1976.

Today they’re held every Sunday and Holidays—and they’re growing in popularity here as we become more concerned about the environment and take to biking which offers a healthy alternative to vehicular transportation.

For five hours this Sunday, the notorious streets of LA will be closed to motor traffic as CicLAvia makes them safe for people to walk, skate, play—and ride a bike.

Quickly becoming a bi-annual event—as shops and restaurants along the route open their doors to participants—seven and a half miles of streets were car-free for the 2010 event and this October new spurs in Chinatown and South LA will be added.

photo by: henryjose

Thanks to cristina, store manager west hollywood, for this submission.