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'the honest life' by jessica alba book signing event

What: Meet Jessica Alba
When: Tuesday, July 9, 5:00 - 7:00pm
Where: CB2 Santa Monica

With the goal of creating the safest, healthiest environment for her family—in The Honest Life, Jessia Alba shares her personal discoveries, tips and strategies for living naturally.

It’s a treasure trove of opportunities to experience healthy living stylishly. RSVP here.


"my life in graphs"

For many students, it’s the first day back to school—commiserate by charting your course with fill-in-the-blank diagrams that help you clarify everything from mundane matters to life’s more intense topics.

Featured topics are as diverse as personal taste, self-image and an attraction to snake-handlers—my life in graphs, a guided journal, also includes a handy detachable ruler to aid in straight line execution and accurate percentage estimation!