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the novogratz in brasil

When did you first visit South America?
We heard Brasil was a beautiful place with beautiful people, so we always wanted to visit. Our first trip was 10 years ago after our friend Alex told us it was the next cool place—he was right!

What were your first impressions?
Brasil is a huge and beautiful country with great cities and amazing natural elements—not to mention the fantastic Samba music we listened to a lot.

Why did you choose Brasil for a second home—quite a distance from New York?
We wanted to expose our kids to other cultures and we have always loved to travel. With our big gang it gets expensive to stay in hotels, spend a day at a theme park—so the Trancoso house made a lot of economic sense. The bonus is that it allows us to have a lot of quality time together free from appointments, lessons, science projects.

Do you have a routine for visiting—planning the dates, packing, etc?
Everyone enjoys the journey but it is a long flight—thank goodness for in-flight movies. In general we’re able to pack light since it’s all about t-shirts, bathing suits, and bare feet.

Are there “must do’s” while you’re there?
Yes! Swimming, surfing, dune buggy rides, the Qadrado at night and all the great restaurants.

The house is very relaxing so it’s easy to just enjoy the views and never leave—but we’re always tempted by a day trip to check out more of the country.

What do your children love about Brasil?
They love the energy of New York City and Brasil is quite different—the opposite extreme—relaxed, casual, beaches vs calendars, homework, skyscrapers. We have high-speed web access at the house so everyone has the choice to escape or check-in.

We have great memories every trip we take, but we especially love lazy days on the beach, sunrises with great big cups of coffee, or just hanging with our crazy gang.

all photos by: Tim Gleaney