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animal rescue: bruna

photo by: Bridget Gotz Photography Nicknames: Bruna Mae, B-Dizzle, Bru-Dog, Bruey, B and Softykins—because her fur is bunny soft.

Before she was famous: Bruna was adopted 5 years ago by two volunteers at C.A.R.E.—Community Animal Rescue Effort—who rescued her in Evanston, IL.

It wasn’t easy to convince Ben that another cat would be a good idea—Bruna lives with brother Otto and sisters Kafelnikov and Ueli—but how can you resist those big yellow-green eyes?

Favorite snack: Chicken flavored Temptations®… served after hunting the feather wand toy.

Favorite hangout: Under the covers.

Talent show: Bruna has taught us a lot about patience and is a great addition to our rescue family.