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bike the drive, 2011

photo by: CGAphotoWhat: Bike the Drive
When: Sunday, May 29
Where: Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

One day of every year since 2002, Lake Shore Drive is closed to motor vehicle traffic and open only to cyclists for 30 miles—15 north of downtown, and 15 south—from 5:30 to 9:45am.

Take advantage of the situation and get prepped—and don’t forget registration is required to bike the scenic and historic route.

Bonus? Proceeds from the ride help the Active Transportation Alliance to continue improving bike lanes, walking paths and transit in the region. So besides enjoying the festival in Grant Park, it’s for a good cause.


chicago flower & garden show: chicago

What: Chicago Flower & Garden Show
When: Saturday, March 5-13
Where: Navy Pier, Chicago

The dullest days of winter seem to be behind us, knock wood, so we’re anxiously awaiting spring blossoms and lush green foliage.

Chicagoans will get a healthy glimpse over the next 9 days with over 25 inspirational gardens, culinary demonstrations, free educational seminars, a kids activity garden to encourage younger generations, three juried horticulture competitions, and the debut of new plant varieties—all at the annual Chicago Flower & Garden Show.


only in chicago: dibs

Only in Chicago will you find plastic milk crates, kitchen chairs, folding chairs, outdoor chairs, bicycles, ironing boards, card tables, vacuum cleaners—practically any piece of lightweight small furniture—staking claim to a free street parking space for the hard worker who dug it out from heavy snows.

The practice was recently declared illegal but it’s been going on for decades so that hasn’t stopped it from happening. As local “folk art”, each one an installation, they speak a language the locals understand—even without the occasional note warning potential trespassers. For more unique dibs, visit


spring flower show, 2011

Towards the end of January, the days are getting longer but it still feels like winter will never end—and when its sunny in Chicago, that means its especially cold.

Which makes it the perfect time to visit the Garfield Park Conservatory for some humidity to soothe chapped lips, to bask in the sunlight for some vitamin D, and to visually feast on colorful spring blossoms for a nature fix.

Once inside, the beauty of nature creates a picture perfect view from any angle. The Victorian architecture of the conservatory is not only piece of local history, the ‘oversized greenhouse’ is inspiring to recreate on a small scale as a terrarium in glass cylinder vases. Search out your favorites plants, check their viability in a terrarium, and get your hands in the dirt. Once complete, these mini ecosystems are virtually carefree.

If you don’t have a green thumb, how about photography? The Spring Flower Show starts this weekend so consider investing an afternoon there. Get recharged and come home with some vibrant images that can be artfully cropped and frame favorites to display in your office or home.


finding vivian maier: chicago

photo courtesy of: tetuWhat: Finding Vivian Maier: Chicago Street Photographer
When: thru April 3, 2011
Where: Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington, Chicago

Born in 1926, Vivan Maier came to the northern shores of Chicago to work as a nanny. In her free time, she would venture into the city armed with a Rolleiflex camera to document everyday people living their everyday lives.

While her work spans decades after WWII, only recently have tens of thousands of negatives been rediscovered—and never have they been exhibited so close to home.

Don’t miss this first American curated exhibit of her compelling work—just 80 pieces—which will surely leave us wanting more.

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