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favorite gifts: andrea

set of 5 cord tacos
not only are they handy for keeping tech-stuff organized—the leather is soft and the variety helps color-code devices. They’re also great for keeping jewelry untangled while traveling.
vintage bottle opener
pure simplicity re-imagined—the cleanest, most straightforward
design with a little bit of luxe—
it’s also sweet with hostess / bottle gifts.
table top darts
this tabletop version of darts and spinning tops changes everything—makes playing less dangerous unless you throw out all the rules to play a drinking game—and the tattoo-inspired graphics are like icing.


favorite gifts: ryan

campfire soy candle
I love campfires and the smell of
them even more.
gold turtle
because a gold animal is a great gift for anyone.
disco 9” gnome
it’s impossible not to smile if you receive him as a gift.

favorite gifts: april

XL cable cord and lumber jack
can anyone ever have too many
of these?
single edge old fashioned glass
just the right size for my favorite drink—the Sazerac.
disco 9” gnome
I have to resist the urge to display it in a straw manger—ha!


merry christmas!

To you and yours, warm wishes for a very
Merry Christmas, from all of us at CB2.


holiday favorites: sara

pinch bowls
beautiful detailing and so in love with brass right now.
stelton 6” santoku knife
I hate cooking, but this makes me want to get into it.
nut case
funny name and useful!

Thanks to sara, product manager, for this submission.