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holiday favorites: christmases past

Marta My favorite gift of all time? A Casper the friendly ghost doll—that talked—when I was 8. And last year my husband gave a shearling throw.
Judy A guitar and a madly mod outfit when I was 7. A Barbie convertible and playing “Santa” handing out all the gifts on Christmas Eve.
Anna A ‘crimp and curl’ Cabbage Patch kid.
Raymond A James Bond/007 briefcase—with all the spy stuff inside!—when I was 10, a red tricycle when I was 4, my 1st trip to Little Cayman, cards from my mom.
Joyce My sisters and I got a pinball machine to share…”Captain Fantastic Elton John and the Brown Dirt Cowboy”. We played it all night long and wouldn’t go to sleep..tilt city.
Sara I think I was in 4th or 5th grade and I got a teal blue 10-speed bike—a dream come true.
Sandy A dual cassette player so I could record my favorite songs from the radio and make mix tapes for all my friends and family. It was the gift that kept on giving.
Ryan The first Nintendo system ever—don’t remember how old I was, probably like a year ago—Transformers too…and maybe Pong…
Megan My play kitchen and Easy-Bake oven…seriously it’s been down hill since then!
Sandra Getting my ears pierced when I was 12, Christmas music mix tapes and an adopted Polar Bear—Pookie.
April Airline tickets to Amsterdam!
Curtis I remember being so excited about getting a tape recorder and a microphone when I was really little—I was sure pop stardom was in my future.

CB2 windows: christmas trees

Doing all your shopping on your laptop—how about getting out for a little window shopping?

Midtown Atlanta

Lincoln Park

South Beach

West Hollywood

Thanks to all store designers for their creative Christmas tree window displays.


name games: amy's family

Judy: These ornaments remind me of Russian nesting dolls.

Raymond: They remind me of Amy’s family—especially with the house in the background since her husband’s an architect and they just bought a place.

Judy: Wonder how she’d feel if we named them after Jimmy and their son Jaden?

Amy: Hah! That’s very funny—even though Jimmy doesn’t have a goatee and I’m a brunette. I’ll see if he’d be ok with naming them after us.

Judy: But they’re just as adorable as you three.

Amy: It’s a go—he laughed and agreed.

Judy: Whew! That helps a lot—we’re running out of time and naming product isn’t my best quality. Thanks Amy and Merry Christmas!

Meet amy, former product manager assistant, judy and raymond, product managers.


host a tree trimming party

photo courtesy of: qmnonic Traditionally, Christmas trees were decorated on Christmas Eve and stayed up until the day after Twelfth Night, January 6th. Ironically, decorating an evergreen tree for Christmas supposedly started as the Protestant counterpart—as a symbol of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden—to Catholic Nativity scenes which are now often displayed under a tree.

Early decorations were foods such as sugared plums, gilded apples, white candy canes and strings of popcorn and cranberries. Woolworth’s was one of the first retailers to sell glass ornaments imported from Europe, and later made in the US, as the tradition made it’s way across many lands and down the social ladder from royalty.

Today, ornaments are made of glass, paper, wood, porcelain…most of us reminisce as we put up favorites from Christmases past and add new ones each year. Hosting a tree decorating party can be a quiet evening visiting—creating new memories while the work gets done—and before guests are off to a second or third party of the night.

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