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renegade handcrafted: cotton & flax

Where was your favorite place to live?
Portland (my hometown) has a wonderfully cooperative creative community, and all that rain made my days of sewing and printing feel cozy. That being said, Los Angeles has been a really interesting place to call home for the last few years. Perhaps simply because it’s such a big city, as I take the time to explore, I am constantly finding new reasons to love it here.

What’s your favorite room in your home?
My tiny studio space! I screenprint every piece for Cotton & Flax in my 6’ x 10’ printing room, and while it’s certainly cramped, I am grateful to be able to wake up, have some coffee, and get right down to work… no commuting for me! I know every nook and cranny in that little room as if it were the back of my hand, and I’ve hung up artworks from friends and some of my favorite printmakers to inspire me while I work.

Erin Dollar of Cotton&Flax What are your sources of inspiration?
I gather inspiration from all over: books, the internet, museums, the things I see on my daily walks. I’m very influenced by place; I’ve noticed that my color palette has really changed since I moved to Los Angeles. I used to gravitate towards greys and blues, and now I find myself adding brighter colors to each new collection.

What do you drive?
I’ve managed to live in LA for three years without a car! Running errands can be tricky, but I get a unique perspective of LA while I walk, ride my bike, or take the Metro Gold Line around town. I really get to look around and see all the little details that make each neighborhood special.

What one item do you wish you owned?
A certain handmade coffee table has been on my wish list for almost two years now, and I’m hoping to commission the artist to make one for me someday. It will be a splurge, but I’ve had my eye on it for long enough that I know it will be a piece I treasure for many, many years.

Who are your design icons?
Marimekko - their designs never feel stale to me. I also admire Orla Kiley, her prints are instantly recognizable, and always make me smile.

plus tea towels What is your personal decorating style?
I’m always aiming to create a more thoughtful, minimalist environment, but it’s difficult for me to reduce the creative clutter in my home. There will always been sketchbooks, pens and pencils, fabric swatches, and half-finished projects dotting the apartment. The unifying style that seems to hold my place together is my unique creative chaos: there’s no mistaking my apartment for anyone else’s.

What was/is your biggest indulgence?
Probably a tie between overspending on new art supplies, and my penchant for a good chocolate croissant and a latte… I’d have that for breakfast every day, if I could.

Do you have one low budget decorating tip?
Fresh flowers! I buy a bouquet every week, and divide it up into three smaller arrangements to spread around the house. They provide a nice pop of color, and make each room feel brighter.

What’s the best career advice you ever received? Ever gave?
Best career advice I’ve received: be thoughtful about what you create, and know when to ask for help. Best advice I’ve given: don’t rush when creating a new product; lasting beauty takes time to develop.

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