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oh gnome we did!

How did the Novogratz’ disco gnome go from shelf size to larger-than…”life-size”? First, we contacted Daddy-O Productions in Brooklyn—who specialize in…extra large disco gnomes…?

To create the core, a small model gnome was laser scanned creating a wire frame rendering. This drawing was scaled up to the 6’ super size, then sliced into 4” thick layers—creating a virtual gnome layer cake.

The slices were then cut out of 4” thick, 1.5lb Styrofoam bead board using a computer-guided CNC router. Next, the contoured layers were stacked into the rough form of a blank gnome which was then hand-carved into their final, smooth shape—requiring about 24 man-hours to sculpt each one.

Now the hard part—mirroring the gnomes. To reduce breakage, chipping and weight, 1/8” thick acrylic mirror was used instead of glass mirrors.

Each gnome required about 6200 mirrors in 4 basic shapes—mostly 7/8” square, then trapezoid, rectangle and triangle to fit smaller spots. Since there are 5 gnomes, the +35,000 tiles were cut using a special industrial saw—which can cut almost all of them at once.

About half the square shapes were then individually shaped to fit the complex contours of the gnomes and—using 100% silicone and industrial grade hot glue—it took another 75 man-hours to attach the mirrors. That’s three people, about 4 days, to complete just one.

Through Christmas Eve, look for a super disco gnome at these CB2 locations: Eastside New York (shown above right), Union Square, West Hollywood, Lincoln Park, and South Beach Miami.


mix tape no.29

** Saturday Night Fever, 1977 Trailer
1. Dim All the Lights, Donna Summer, 1979
2. You Should Be Dancin’, The Bee Gees, 1976
3. I Feel Love, Donna Summer, 1977
4. Jive Talkin’, The Bee Gees, 1975
5. Night Fever, The Bee Gees, 1978
6. Hot Stuff, Donna Summer, 1979
7. Bad Girls, Donna Summer, 1979
8. Nights on Broadway, The Bee Gees, 1975
9. How Deep is Your Love, The Bee Gees, 1977
10. Last Dance, Donna Summer, 1978