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diy saturdays

What: DIY Saturdays
When: April 28 and May 5, 2:00-4:00pm
Where: CB2 stores

Join us for interactive ‘backyard’ demos—with local experts—to learn more about container gardening and creating innovative floral arrangements and displays.

It’s a chance to think outside the box and create frogs for arrangements by tying colorful strings and tapes over planters. Discuss which are the best plant selections based on location, lighting, etc. Or, on a ‘low difficulty level’, simply learn the name of different varietals and how to best mix them in vases and planters.


how to: create a terrarium chandelier

8-12 colored electrical wires, cut 4-5’ in length
8-12 hanging glass terrarium
assorted plants and pebbles*
wire cutters and hanging hardware**

1. Create a 4” loop on one end of each wire, group the wires into sets of 4, then start braiding in a traditional pattern—or gather all together and twist to look like rope. As you get towards the end, separate the wires slightly.

2. One at a time, thread each through the loop at the top of a hanging glass terrarium, secure by twisting it back up and around the length of the wire, and clip sharp ends clean with wire cutters. Continue with each strand until all are secured—if there are extra, twist those ends up and around the ‘cord’.

3. Carefully and safely hang the chandelier as recommended—twist the wires to point terrarium openings outward—and plant each terrarium as desired.

*plants: consult a local nursery for the best advice when selecting terrarium inclusions.
**hanging hardware: as always, we strongly recommend consulting a local hardware store for the best advice.


10 tips: hosting the holiday party

‘Tis the season for parties! Make it easy-breezy by utilizing most of what you already have—and by adopting these ten tips from our catalog stylists.

Set the stage.
tip 1: pull two tables together and don’t worry if things don’t match—it’s more important that everyone’s together. Besides, the drinks and the menu are the real stars of the show.
tip 2: use chalkboard paint and write a welcoming message for guests.
tip 3: the right lighting can create the perfect mood- whether you want moody and sexy or bright and festive. You can also create a dramatic chandelier by hanging multiple utility pendants.

Tablescapes 101.
tip 4: tie your tables together visually with a long runner made of gift wrap paper. You can even supply markers and pencils to your guests if you want an interactive party.
tip 5: we used multiples of our 15 minute glasses laying on their sides to inject some color and as an alternative to flowers. Smart votives are a favorite since they product a nice flicker but contain no wax—so no worries about soot or spilling it.

Personalize it.
tip 6: the easiest way to entertain is buffet style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set a nice table.
tip 7: miniature chair ornaments pair well with name cards—and they make a fun take-away gift.

tip 8: make the bar accessible and easy for your guests to make their own drinks. You can even put instructions for a recipe in a picture frame and place on the bar for reference.
tip 9: keep things interesting by using an acrylic storage box as a party tub and these bottle vases to hold the mixers for your very own champagne cocktail.

Food prep.
tip 10: take the stress out of food prep and buy prepared foods from your favorite shops. That’ll leave time to concentrate on one singular spectacular dish that to make yourself.
Besides, the best reason to throw a party is to spend time partying with guests!


how to: create a whirly tree

36 whirly candleholders
36 smart tealights
36 nails or screws, about 4” long
small glass pebbles, available at craft stores

1. Using a soft pencil, plot a triangle on the wall about 36” wide at the base and 48” tall—starting about 18” from the floor.

2. Mark “X”s about 6” apart left to right—alternating their placement like bowling pins—and with about 8” between rows.

3. Screw or nail the hanging hardware deep enough for each candleholder to hang securely.

4. Hang whirly candleholders—each with about 1/4 cup of glass pebbles—and insert smart tealights.
hint: for a temporary display, use a painted mdf panel like we did for our bubble wreath.

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how to: create a string lights tree

indoor string lights
lightweight ornaments
pencil and painter’s tape
hanging hardware, we used about 9 nails

1. Using a pencil and painter’s tape as needed, mark out a tall triangle for the position of the tree, and a rectangle for the tree base.

2. Secure hanging hardware for the light strands—we used one nail at the top, a row of 6 along the bottom, and 2 for the base.

3. Test the light strand then weave it around the hardware—the simpler the better.

4. Hang a mix of lightweight ornaments on light sockets—or with ornament hooks—as desired.

1. Use the longest strand of lights available to avoid a bulky plug connection—also, avoid direct contact between the light bulbs and paper ornaments.
2. Use hanging hardware best suited for your wall—for best advice, check with your local hardware store.
3. Start a few inches off the floor—safely away from low objects or carpeting.

Thanks to marcus, prop stylist on this CB2 catalog shoot.

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