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team outing.1

photo by: Max Wolfe Where: Southport Lanes, Chicago
When: is it 5:00 yet?

Southport Lanes is one of only ten bowling alleys in the country that is truly ‘old school’—only four lanes and the bowling pins are hand-set.

Check it out—we are!


28th annual christmas sing-along: chicago

photo by: 20 LettersWhat: The 28th Annual Christmas Show
Where: Music Box Theatre, Chicago
When: Friday, December 16-24, 2011

For the past 27 years, holiday revelers have come to the vintage Music Box theater to watch two classic films of the season—‘White Christmas’ and ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.

What makes the evening a holiday tradition is when Santa Claus, accompanied by the theater organist, leads a sing-along of the most cherished Christmas carols before the screening of each film.

In case you never knew the words to Auld Lang Syne, just follow the “bouncing ball” as the lyrics are projected onto the screen and enjoy!


cicLAvia, 2011

photo by: standardpixelWhat: CicLAvia
When: Sunday, October 9, 10am-3pm
Where: Los Angeles

In response to the congestion and pollution of the city streets in Bogota, Columbia, Ciclovías began there over thirty years ago in 1976.

Today they’re held every Sunday and Holidays—and they’re growing in popularity here as we become more concerned about the environment and take to biking which offers a healthy alternative to vehicular transportation.

For five hours this Sunday, the notorious streets of LA will be closed to motor traffic as CicLAvia makes them safe for people to walk, skate, play—and ride a bike.

Quickly becoming a bi-annual event—as shops and restaurants along the route open their doors to participants—seven and a half miles of streets were car-free for the 2010 event and this October new spurs in Chinatown and South LA will be added.

photo by: henryjose

Thanks to cristina, store manager west hollywood, for this submission.


craft beer crawl, 2011

photo by: jekert gwapo What: The Annual LA Craft Beer Crawl
When: Saturday, August 13, 3-8pm
Where: Downtown LA

Curated by The Beer Chicks, aka Hallie Beaune and Christine Perozzi, beer personalities and authors of The Naked Pint: An Unadultered Guide to Craft Beer, the crawl will feature some of the top artisanal brewers in the country.

Walk, don’t drive, and sample over 50 craft beers at 7 different unique bars and restaurants—all within walking distance—in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets can be purchased on-line and tickets for designated driver are substantially discounted for their support. And don’t forget to check out the food trucks between pubs!

Thanks to cristina, store manager west hollywood, for this submission.


design is human: atlanta

photo by: mdwombatWhat: Design is Human
When: June 6-12, 2011
Where: All Around Atlanta

Modern Atlanta, MA, believes that design in itself is human—and their mission is to promote design excellence that not only satisfies the needs of humanity, it also inspires and encourages sustainable practices.

MA’s goal is to create a network within the communities of architecture and design, retail and trade, industry and academia, the arts, and NPO foundations; and the event attracts a diverse range of speakers, exhibitors and attendees willing to push the boundaries of design towards these ends.

This is a unique creative collaboration to support CARE, an international organization focused on empowering African women and children in need. Help support their efforts to further the work of Care International by checking it out this weekend.