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century of the child: new york

photo by: Rusty Darbonne What: Century of the Child, Growing by Design 1900-2000
When: July 29 thru November 5
Where: MoMA

Many of the concepts and display pieces in MoMA’s ambitious exhibit of 20th century design for children are everyday, like breathing we don’t typically give them a second thought.

But at some point, designers did—hence the first large-scale overview of progressive design thinking on children and their development.

From children’s nurseries, furniture, and clothing to school architecture, playgrounds, amusement rides, toys, games and books—all of these and more have affected how children live, learn and play over the past century and will be featured within seven in-depth sections.


guerrilla truck show: chicago

What: The 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show
When: Tuesday, June 12 from 5:30-9:30pm
Where: West Fulton Market

guerrilla: a member of a small independent group of product, furniture designers and artisans that band together to provide an innovative venue to vent their ideas and creativity.

Local, independent artists and designers will be taking to West Fulton Market once again.

Every summer during Neocon, Morlen Sinoway Atelier hosts the show as a platform for creatives to showcase their work in a very temporary gallery—within the back of a truck.

What started with 13 U-Haul trucks, has expanded to both temporary and permanent indoor spaces—everything from furniture and lighting to metal and theatre fabrications should be un-expected.


the Polaroid collection: düsseldorf

By Mike from Vancouver, Canada
(Polaroid One-Step Uploaded by Trycatch)
[CC-BY-2.0 (]
via Wikimedia Commons
What: The Polaroid Collection
When: now thru August 5
Where: NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

Believe it or not, both infamous artists Ansel Adams and Andy Warhol created works using Instant Photography.

While Instagram is based on it, and one never knows which piece of it may end up in a museum, the legendary 500+ Polaroid Collection is now on exhibit at the NRW-Düsseldorf.

Thanks to a group of artists, led by Chuck Close, in 2009 the Vienna Museum saved the European collection from auction—which, as part of the bankruptcy process, could have broken up the collection.

Created by Edwin Land in the late 1940s, the Land Camera offered a new medium to those with an “artistic interest in the world around them”. In reality, it became the camera anyone could easily operate—but not necessarily master the developing process.

During the 1950s, Polaroid—along with mentor and early contributor Ansel Adams—supported the constant development and improvement of new instant cameras. And in the 60s the Collection of works began with company sponsorship of cameras and film to select photographers—approximately 4400 pieces by 800 international artists—some of which will be included in the exhibit.


andiamo milano!

Our visit to China was one day trip after another—Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai—so we’re looking forward to a solid week in Milan—and the same hotel—via Istanbul!

Until tomorrow, check out highlights from the Milan Salone 2011.


migrating landscapes exhibit: toronto

photo by: wonderferretWhat: Migrating Landscapes, Ontario Regional Exhibition
When: February 6 thru 24, 2012
Where: Brookfield Place

Exploring how Canadian architects and designers have been influenced by migration and immigration, Migrating Landscapes is a national architecture competition with national winners representing Canada at the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture—which takes place August 29 thru November 25, 2012.

Via videotapes and architectural models, this regional exhibit features 26 architects and designers sharing their stories of migration and how those experiences affected them.

The Ontario jury will select winners who will move on to a national exhibition and competition which will take place at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in March/April 2012.

With the videos and models placed into a wooden exhibition infrastructure—representing the act of settling into a new landscape—a national jury will then select Team Canada to represent Canada at the Biennale.

View, experience, and cast a vote for a favorite Ontario entry in the People’s Choice Award.