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daylight saving time, fall 2011

“Spring forward, Fall back” reminds us to turn the clocks back one hour this Sunday at 2:00 a.m. as daylight saving time ends.


fall favorites: todd

grid media console
ode to Eames case goods, super functional, works well with vintage pieces we own.
reprouvé tables
love this mix of metal and wood—causal yet extremely well designed. Great scale.
teak bath accessories
I love these wood bath accessories and their spa like shapes.

Thanks to todd, senior visual merchant west, for this submission.


fall favorites: adam

beaker glass wine goblet
there’s something charming, whimsical and “classic cocktail”
about this glass that makes me want to refill sooner then I should.
cuckoo clock
it’s like a mirror image of the Brady Bunch House—with the nostalgia of yester-year!
rig barstool
it’s up, it’s down, it spins around… refined industrial with a splash of red.

Thanks to adam, store manager lincoln park, for this submission.


fall favorites: april

parlour chair
a feast for the eyes—packs a punch to any room!
neville house
an incredibly well-designed architectural model.
roundabout rug
rich woven wool in a modern design—swoon blue is my new favorite color!


one of a finds: gais vintage toys

Not only is almost every region of India renowned for their handicraft speciality, but also for their distinctive toys. India has a fantastic tradition in toys since many are about religious characters and festivals.

Revered in the teachings of Lord Krishna as the living symbol of Mother Earth, the cow—or gais— is treasured as a most important member of the family—which these figures lovingly attest to.

Depicting the sacred cow, each figure was collected from villages within Gujarat and Rajasthan—the land of colors—in northwest India.

Just as a village’s cows are brightly painted and decorated during holidays, these handcarved found objects dating back up to 50 years were also once colorfully adorned and adored.

photo by: WonderlaneOriginally brightly painted—which has worn out over many years of use—each is intended for display as decorative objects only as it reflects years of joyful play, and retains its individual patina under a matte lacquer as protection from further wear.

To this day, cows are sacred and allowed to wander freely. They are protected and cared for, and revered for the everyday necessities they provide such as dairy foods, insect repellant, and dung for fuel.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only as a limited edition for collectors and enthusiasts—the painted wood cows have a fall 2011 release of 448.