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To everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy and outlying storms, our thoughts are with you. Batten down the hatches, take recommended emergency precautions and be safe!

Satellite View of Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29photo courtesy of: NASA Goddard Photo and Video


fall favorites: raymond

d-constructed throw
I wish our web customers could feel this throw and truly get a sense of the construction—it’s very luxurious for the price.
peace poster
each letterpress print is unique and an amazing piece of art—handset wood type arranged and colored by Kennedy Prints in Alabama.
11-pc slate serving set
this little set is so versatile—great for any type of entertaining.


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animal rescue: etta

Just the facts: Etta is 8-1/2 years old but has the energy and sassiness of a puppy. Her days are filled with walks, hiding toys or rawhides around the house, playing with other dogs—and lots of naps.

Favorite toys: She cannot live without her elephant, zebra, or orange bone.

Before she was discovered: Etta was adopted from PAWS Chicago just a few months ago after being at another shelter in Illinois for several months. We don’t know why she was originally given up, but the original shelter transferred her to PAWS to increase her chances of being adopted.  

Talent Show: Her most adorable and well known features are her long ears, her enormous paws and her very soulful but loud howl—similar to Etta James’ singing.

Nicknames: Since adopting her, several nicknames—including Noisy Noodle and Rowdy Rigatoni—
have been found to fit her personality.

Unfortunately, the photo shoot including Etta didn’t make the final cut. To her mom, it was nothing personal—we loved working with her!