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watch: gold


10 favorites: jessica alba

There’s nothing more beautiful than a solid wood table with exposed grain and knots. The blox dining table captures my favorite elements of natural, warm, and modern design. I absolutely love how the belt shelf is elegant and rustic at the same time. The leather straps are such a cool detail that will catch everyone’s eye. And I think it’s equally rad that they’re made from sustainable wood.

I like that the peekaboo c table makes an instant work station or modern TV tray. Movable, multi-purpose, good for any size guest…I find that sitting on these knitted poufs during a meeting makes the exchange of ideas fun and inspired because one can’t help but feel like a kid again.

Lounging in the botao sectional by the Novogratz
instantly puts a smile on my face—it’s inviting, fun, and really encourages my co-workers to hang out. Even better, the sectional is perfect for large teams and heavy office traffic because it easily can be rearranged and
the fabric is super durable.
This sunny ixtapa chair—which we discovered in-season—is a versatile statement piece thanks to its shape and color, so it will get tons of use (and compliments) indoors or out!

The shape of the facetta chair is reminiscent of mid-century furniture, which I love and find surprisingly comfortable. Not to mention, the muted teal color feels almost like a neutral that can go with anything. Vintage meets modern in this vibrantly colored avec peacock apartment sofa that would look equally great in an industrial loft or Victorian townhouse. I really like the juxtaposition of the piece’s clean lines and its more formal retro tufting.

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful, elegant, and timeless smart round marble top coffee table
—it will elevate the look of your room.
The unexpected pop of orangey-red makes this sculptural, mid-century-inspired peel pendant a fresh addition to your space.


fall favorites: sandra

3-piece step up candleholder

I grew up in the 70s so I’m partial to
all things disco—and happy to see brass finishes on the modern scene since I prefer to mix metal finishes.
DGC mug
As a collector of coffee mugs, cups/saucers, it takes a few minutes to decide which one to use in the morning… but at work, this is a no-brainer… even though our coffee’s not that good.
french-belgian linen shale sheet set
These should have been in my summer favorites since they only get used when it’s super hot—but in this light gray I might have to reconsider.


animal rescue: cowgirl

Nicknames: She goes by Cow, Cowie, Cowbell and of course Cowgirl!

Before she was famous: Cowgirl was rescued from a local kennel in Chicago—which also had her mom, dad and 6 other pups! Her brother came home with us first but sadly he passed away from pneumonia at just 2 months. Cow already had moved into a new home but, when they found a stray on the beach and decided to keep it, she had to go back—bittersweet, but it seems we were meant to be together.

Since then, she had to have her back knees rebuilt when she was 2, and on May 11 she celebrated her 8th birthday so she’s going strong—like a Six Million Dollar Dog!

Talent Show: She loves destroying stuffed animals while enjoying a life of leisure. She loves to go to grandma and grandpa’s house in the country to visit—and to chase the local bunnies!

Favorite Snack: Her favorite snack is meat… any kind, does not matter.